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BB Gandanghari's Relationship With Family Is Getting Better

BB Gandanghari has no complaints in terms of his relationship with his family, the Padilla clan. This is despite the fact that the most popular of the brood, Robin, admitted that he is still adjusting to BB's presence.

BB came out of the closet during his stint on the "Pinoy Big Brother" celebrity edition. He told housemate Keanna Reeves then that he is a closet gay. He was previously known as Rustom Padilla, the ex-husband of actress Carmina Villaroel.

Robin had a hard time accepting BB as his new "sister," but over time, the action superstar and showbiz's "bad boy" learned to welcome his brother again.

BB said he's also adjusting to his new role as the youngest "sister" to his brothers. His relationship with his family, which has been tested by his admission, is getting a lot better.

There were adjustments, he said, but these are just normal adjustments and even he underwent these things. It's still a work in progress though, BB added.

He can see that his family has already accepted him with open arms. The only thing that they haven't accepted yet is the fact that he will have a boyfriend someday.

When asked about it, his brother Robin joked that the reporter may be trying to anger him. BB said Robin may want her to be a nun.

Right now, BB is single and happy about his status. He doesn't force himself to have a relationship because he wants to get to know the person better if ever there will come a time that he meets someone.

The acceptance from his family will come "in time," he believes. "Maybe not in the near future, but I'm willing to wait."

BB said he wants unconditional love from his family--for them to be able to accept that Rustom really is gone and he's a new person now.

There's nobody yet in the Padilla clan willing to meet BB's possible boyfriend. They all feel that he's not yet in the right phase of his life to have a boyfriend. At times, he feels giddy about this because he's being treated like a teenager.

BB is thankful that his brothers will be there to scrutinize his future boyfriend. It is better because then, he will be able to protect himself from heartaches.

He said that it's possible for him to be blinded by love, and he wouldn't even notice if he's being taken for granted already.

He's taking his time in meeting someone. He's more mature now and knows how to listen to his brothers.

Did he become sensitive because of this new persona? Robin earlier said he tries to understand his brother as much as possible. BB joked that his hair grew long because of trying to understand his brothers.

But then again, BB said it wouldn't be him if he's not sensitive. That's part of the new him.

He likened his relationship to his family as a "dance." They are just learning the steps. Sometimes, he wants to say something to his family but he realizes that they may not be ready for that. Instead of trying to push it, he takes a step back.

He is proud of the Padilla family. It also comes from not being the only person going through the same thing. Hopefully, other families who are going through the same thing will learn a thing or two from their family.

It is very hard for a transgender to go through these things alone, BB said.

What can he say about some actors who, until now, remain inside the closet? "I wonder who, chos!" BB said that when he has not revealed who he truly was, it was the "darkest, the loneliest and the saddest days" of his life.

He will never wish that to anyone because it's hard to live in denial. It's not easy to advise anyone to just come out of the closet because that closet, that dark place may be their comfort zone.

But then, if you're constantly in that comfort zone, you miss a lot of things. "Pero sina ka para sabihin sa kanila yun? Sila lang kasi ang makakapagdesisyon sa sarili nila."

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BB Gandanghari's Relationship With Family Is Getting Better

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