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Agreement Between Claudine Barretto And Raymart Santiago May Not Push Through

It is possible that the joint dispute resolution between Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago will not push through because Raymart's lawyer, Atty. Ruth Castelo, is sabotaging it.

According to a close friend of the actress, Claudine does not appreciate that Atty. Ruth continues to dig up the bad things that happened in the past because she is not convinced that Claudine was sincere in mending ties with Raymart.

She is also offended by the fact that Raymart allows his lawyer to bully his estranged wife. A joint dispute resolution would have fixed the relationship between the estranged couple, and it might have been a way for them to settle their issues, especially as it pertain to their children.

The source said that Atty. Ruth convinced Raymart not to attend their daughter Sabina's dance recital despite an invitation from Claudine because the actress was allegedly "insincere."

This happened days after Claudine reported an attempt to kill her in their house in Loyola Grand Villas. Atty. Ruth alleged that Claudine pointed to Raymart as one of those behind that attempt.

But Claudine said it never once crossed her mind that Raymart may be behind it because it also involved the safety of their children.

The source indicated that Claudine's invitation to Raymart for Sabina's dance recital was done "in good faith." The two were seen recently celebrating Sabina's 10th birthday, as well as Raymart's own, in a restaurant in Quezon City.

Claudine even posted two photos of them as a family on her Instagram account.

The source said that Raymart's other lawyer is easy to talk with, but Atty. Ruth is a different case.

Everything was okay between Claudine and Raymart, but the actress may not push through with the dispute resolution anymore because of these latest developments.

Claudine said it's hard to go through an agreement when there's no trust. Atty. Ruth earlier said everything has Raymart's blessings.

She also said that the discussions should be between her and Claudine's lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio. Then, she also said that she has doubts on why Claudine suddenly wants a peaceful settlement.

Claudine said only someone with a malicious mind can think that she's only doing this because of a hidden agenda. The actress wanted to fix things with Raymart for the sake of their children, the source said.

The actress is now pushing through with all the cases she filed against Raymart, including one under the Anti-Violence Against Women And Their Children Act.

The estranged couple will face each other again on August 1. The source said Claudine's doors are closed in terms of talking or negotiating with Raymart again.

The actress can see that Raymart has no decision when it comes to the case. He just follows what his lawyer tells him.

Claudine also questions why Raymart is trying to protect her lawyer instead of his family and his children. The actress' camp believed that it wouldn't be such a complicated matter if only Atty. Ruth was out of the picture.

What does Claudine wants to say to Atty. Ruth? "Back off." On her Facebook post, Claudine seconded what her friend said. According to the actress, everything was fine until Atty. Ruth opened her "big mouth again."

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Agreement Between Claudine Barretto And Raymart Santiago May Not Push Through

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