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Alex Gonzaga Prefers Older Men

Alex Gonzaga actually preferred dating older men, about five to seven years older than her. She said this amid declarations of admiration from Ryan Bang and Arjo Atayde.

Right now, Alex is not yet thinking about having a boyfriend. She's not even looking for one.

Although she prefers older men, the TV host admitted that life may just surprise her and she may fall for someone completely opposite than her ideal man. So far, having a relationship is far from her mind.

When she entered the Pinoy Big Brother house as a guest housemate, her sister Toni was very vocal in saying that she missed her sister. She was also reportedly afraid for Alex because she may fall in love with Daniel Matsunaga, the Brazilian-Japanese model who entered the PBB house as a housemate.

Alex, Toni said, easily falls in love. But the TV host-actress denied this, saying that her older sister was very proud of her after her stint inside the house.

Before, when Alex finds someone who inspired her, she becomes a hopeless romantic. Toni wants someone who's worthy for her to fall in love with, Alex said. She added that her older sister just wants her to learn the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now.

She has two suitors right now--one is a non-showbiz Chinese national. Toni advised her to go from someone outside showbiz because she will learn a lot more from him. Since she is now in showbiz, her world is getting smaller.

Toni has a huge influence on her. Whenever her sister tells her she doesn't like someone for her, Alex ends up not liking that person too. Alex never had a boyfriend from showbiz.

She's not comfortable being with someone from showbiz because there are restrictions when they go out or limitations in their relationship. She doesn't want that, Alex added.

She also doesn't want to combine her personal life and her showbiz career. Although her future non-showbiz boyfriend may find it hard to understand her work, Alex said at least their relationship will be strictly between the two of them.

Meanwhile, Alex also reacted to comments that she and Toni are "plastic" since they are Born Again Christians but they also seemed insincere.

Alex explained that although they practice their religion, they are still human and can easily make mistakes. But they are not the kind of people who announce to the world that they did this kind of mistake. They just keep it to themselves and try to learn from it.

Whatever mistakes they do, they just try to keep it under wraps, Alex said.

Is it hard for Alex to be in the shadow of Toni? She used to think that it was unfair for her to be constantly compared to Toni--for her not to be able to do things because Toni is not doing them.

But now, she has a bit more appreciation for what her sister is in showbiz. She's receiving respect because of what her sister did, and she doesn't want to smear Toni's name and reputation.

It is also not true that she is planning to move out of their house and live in her own condo unit. She's just trying to irk their mother, Alex said.

She's undergoing treatment or consultation now because of her stint in PBB. That's standard operating procedure for all housemates and even guests, Alex said.

When she exited from the house, she actually wanted to return because she enjoyed her time there even though she was not an actual housemate.

The reason for her excitement is because she never felt the pressure of nomination every week. That's why Jason Gainza and Slater Young, former PBB housemates and winners, told her.

Inside the house, she also felt independent because her mother was not there to scold her. She also doesn't have a mobile phone, and that's okay for Alex because she doesn't have a boyfriend anyway.

She enjoyed her stay there because they were always bonding.

Was there ever a time she rebelled against her parents? Although she had her misgivings, Alex said what was important for her was that she has an outlet--her sister, Toni.

Now, whenever they feel that their parents are being overprotective, Toni and Alex have each other. But of course, they know that their parents are only like that because they want the best for them.

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Alex Gonzaga Prefers Older Men

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