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Marian Rivera Supports Vilma Santos Amid Grammar And Spelling Issue

Kapuso primetime queen voiced out her support for Star For All Seasons and Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto amid her grammar and spelling issues.

Vilma was bashed by netizens when Kris Aquino posted a photo of the ensaymada she gave as well as a thank-you card wherein Vilma misspelled a couple of words and had several grammatical mistakes.

Marian doesn't want to comment much about the issue because she has a lot of respect for Vilma, but she did say that she texted the Star For All Seasons and the governor understands that Marian is completely with her in this issue.

Marian is confident that Vilma will be able to surpass this issue. She doesn't want to talk about the issue because she's also quite sensitive about it. Marian also received some bashing because of her grammar and spelling mistakes.

She knows how Vilma feels because it also happened to her before. All she said in her text was that she will always be there for the Star For All Seasons.

Kris, on the other hand, already apologized to Vilma, and said she didn't mean any harm when she posted that photo of the card.

Marian said she is immune already by online bashing. It's not a big deal for her anymore. Almost all artists have gone through the same thing, she added.

She believes if a person is truly happy in his/her life, he/she wouldn't see the bad in others but only the positive things.

Because of this belief, Marian already has a strategy how to stop these bashings. She simply deletes or blocks them. She only has one social network account--her Instagram account.

She doesn't want to recreate another account because it would be very tiresome for her. She simple blocks them or deletes them.

Marian lamented the fact that some people are really happy about bashing artists and such. She sees no point about answering back to these bashers because it would only mean that she's affected by the bashing.

"Bakit mo pa papatulan, block na lang."

Some bashers would even create another account just to bash her, but Marian would block them again anyway.

"Kung talagang masaya ka sa buhay mo, bakit kailangan mo pang mang-bash ng tao?"

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Marian Rivera Supports Vilma Santos Amid Grammar And Spelling Issue

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