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Lovi Poe Admits Relationship With Rocco Nacino

After denying for the longest time that they are together, Lovi Poe finally admitted that actor Rocco Nacino is her boyfriend. She made the admission during a guest stint on "Startalk" after she was put on the spot by Lolit Solis and her friend Heart Evangelista.

At first, Lovi was forced to admit that she had a relationship with Jake Cuenca. Now that she has admitted that, will she also be open about Rocco?

Lovi didn't want to talk about it, but she was finally pushed to say that Rocco is special to her and they are indeed together. This is the first time that Lovi admitted anything in her personal life since she has always been a private person.

Heart said she is proud of her friend for opening up about Rocco. There was no point anymore on trying to hide it because their pictures are all posted on Instagram.

Rocco's name was just one of those mentioned to Lovi during Lolit's "Lolit's So-List" segment on the show.

The fifth name mentioned to her was that of her half-sister, Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares. They are both daughters of the late King of Philippine Movies Fernando Poe Jr.

Lovi said they get along well together, and she is supportive of Senator Grace and she knows that the senator is also supportive of her as a sister.

"In fact, pag naririnig ko nga siya nagsasalita or sa mga interviews niya, nagiging proud talaga ako 'cause she’s so smart."

It's a good feeling for Lovi to have a sister like the senator who's really good in what she does. They became close because of Heart and her boyfriend Senator Chiz Escudero.

Unlike before, they get to hang out now, so she is also thankful to Heart and Senator Chiz.

The fourth name mentioned to Lovi was of Nora Aunor, who failed to get the National Artist Award because of her drug issues. Lovi worked with her on "Thy Womb."

The actress said she feels bad that the Superstar wasn't able to receive the award even though she's very deserving of it. As an artist, she looks up to Nora and she believes she deserves to get that award.

They had a good working relationship. She said Nora is very natural, and it doesn't feel like she's acting in front of the camera.

The third name mentioned to her was that of Jake's. Asked directly if they had a relationship, Lovi simply said "yes." Although she never admitted before that they had a relationship, the actress realized it is about time she gives Jake what is due him--which is the recognition that he was a really good boyfriend during their time together.

Lovi never admitted anything about Governor Ronald Singson or even Vice Governor Jolo Revilla, so why was Jake different?

The actress said she was in a weird stage of her life back then, so she wasn't able to give him the proper recognition.

What was really between her and Ronald? Heart answered for her friend. She said that Ronald loved Lovi very, very much. But how does Lovi feels about Ronald? It's better if Lovi will be the one to answer that, Heart said.

"Wala, kasi certain things happened so alam mo yun, may mga bagay kasi na siguro may mga pinlano ka pero ang tadhana na ang hindi sumang-ayon."

When she denies a person, it doesn't mean that she is embarrassed of that person. Lovi is a private person, she said, so she wants to keep things for herself.

She never once spoke about her personal relationships, so it is only natural for her not to talk about her past or present relationship.

But why is she open about Jake when she cannot even admit her relationships with Ronald and Jolo? Lovi doesn't want to answer and let Heart explain it for her.

Heart said Jake was there when Lovi needed someone. At first, they were not serious about each other and then they slowly fell for one another. Jake loved Lovi very much, Heart said, so it was only proper for Lovi to give him that credit.

The second name mentioned was that of Alessandra de Rossi, one of Lovi's closest friends. Lovi said they are close because she's very simple and she's such a true person. Alessandra is also always there for her.

In showbiz, there are so-called "taping friends," Lovi said. These are people who are only her friends when they are taping a project. But Alessandra is a different case. They talk to each other even though they don't have any work together.

This is also the same thing with Heart.

She was grateful for "Legacy" because she got to know Heart and Alessandra. It was more than just friendship, because they think of each other as a sister.

Who's the happiest out of the three of them? Alessandra, Lovi said. Is it because of Sid Lucero? Lovi laughed and refused to answer. Heart and Lovi don't want to admit anything in behalf of Alessandra and Sid.

The difference between Heart and Lovi when it comes to their relationships is that Heart is very passionate about her lovelife while Lovi, although passionate also, is more on the chill side.

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Lovi Poe Admits Relationship With Rocco Nacino

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