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Sarah Geronimo Realizes It's Time To Admit Relationship With Matteo Guidicelli

A lot of people were surprised that Sarah Geronimo finally admitted her relationship with actor-triathlete Matteo Guidicelli. Sarah said it's about time for her to be normal and to decide for herself.

This was the first time Sarah admitted any relationship with the guys being linked to her. She was previously linked to actors Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson, both of whom Sarah denied having any relationships with.

Since she already turned 26 years old this July, Sarah said there's nothing wrong with having a relationship. There were times in the past that she has to hide her true feelings, especially if she has a coming movie.

She also realized that other people are allowed to have relationships and their images are not being tarnished by those relationships. She told herself that she will admit what's between her and Matteo, and that will be it. No follow-up questions anymore, she added.

"Para ang mga tao, hindi naman sinasabi na, ‘Ito namang si Sarah, sobrang deny-deny.’"

Sarah said a lot of people don't realize and understand why she has to be private when it comes to her lovelife. Also, she thought that their pictures on the Internet speak for themselves that they are together.

Sarah and Matteo were seen in a number of instances attending Church service, having dinners and watching movies, and hanging out with showbiz couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.

She thought it was "automatic" already that people would assume they are together. She didn't realize she has to vocally announce that they have a relationship.

The Popstar Princess, however, refused to divulge when their relationship started. She wants to keep that for herself. She said Matteo is certainly worth keeping, and that is what she has always wished for in a man.

She described Matteo as patient and persistent. They call each other "mahal" (the term of endearment that Matteo accidentally called Direk Wenn Deramas on text, which then pushed people to believe that the text message was meant for Sarah).

Asked who thought of calling each other "mahal," Sarah laughed and refused to answer. "Secret!"

Meanwhile, Sarah said she has always been thankful of her fans and supporters--the Popsters. They never left her no matter what controversy she is going through.

What did she learn from her parents? She said her parents never scrimped on teaching her good values. She is a girl and she has to know how to protect herself.

Of course, she is not perfect, Sarah said, but she must know how to practice self-control. It is important to spend time with a loved one, but the Popstar Princess said she must also be able to control her emotions.

Also, it is important for her not to lose her faith and to know that she should not rush into things.

In the end, she was asked what she learned from Matteo? Sarah said that even though they are artists and they have to protect their images, "life is short" and you have to live life to the fullest and experience new things.

She needs to "grow" and "mature."

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Sarah Geronimo Realizes It's Time To Admit Relationship With Matteo Guidicelli

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