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Mo Twister Lambasts Julian Estrada Again

Once again, Mo Twister lambasted Star Magic talent Julian Estrada, the son of Senator Jinggoy Estrada who is now detained for his involvement in the multi-billion pork barrel scam.

On July 6, Mo posted a collage of tweets made by Julian on his Instagram account wherein the young actor repeatedly used the word "nigga," a derogatory term for dark-skinned people. The term is considered racist in the United States.

In his caption, Mo said that he is doing this "cyberbullying" in "my continuing saga of trying to teach an Ejercito how to behave in public." He tagged Julian (@julestrada) and said he used the term "nigga" five times in the past month alone.

Since Julian is allegedly the "son of a corrupt Senator and a grandson of a convicted felon President," the radio host said he must educate himself on the meaning of the term and remind himself of his place in this world, wherein using such a word can get him into trouble.

" . . . we wouldn't want to get blood on your lovely white LV shoes." His brother Jolo posted on Instagram a pair of white LV shoes, a presidential suite at the Manila Hotel and a private plane. This caused a ruckus in social media, which forced Jolo to take down his account amid his father's detention at the Camp Crame.

Julian is not only the son of Senator Jinggoy and the grandson of former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, who was impeached in 2001, he is also one of the 12 new talents launched by Star Magic Circle in 2013.

Last week, Mo lambasted Julian's brother, Jolo, when he said that everything the Ejercitos have came from public funds. He asked Twitter users if Jolo has an account since he intends to cyberbully him.

Instead of Jolo, Julian was the one who replied and called Mo "douche." As a support for her brother, Janella Ejercito, a councilor in San Juan City and the eldest daughter of Senator Jinggoy, also answered Mo's tweets.

As a seemingly answer to Mo's tweets against them, Julian posted something about abortion, which he immediately deleted.

It can be remembered that there was a viral video by Mo a few years back. In the video, Mo was seen crying because Rhian Ramos, his then girlfriend, apparently just had an abortion.

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Mo Twister Lambasts Julian Estrada Again

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