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Rocco Nacino Happy About Lovi Poe's Admission

Rocco Nacino was happily surprised when Lovi Poe admitted their relationship during a recent guesting on "Startalk." Rocco said they did not talk about the said admission.

"I’m happy and kilig!"

Rocco was in Cebu when his girlfriend made the admission on the Sunday showbiz talk show. He was actually playing a game on his phone on their way to the show when he suddenly received messages and tweets.

He was surprised and wondered what was happening, so he stopped his game and checked his inbox. There were congratulatory messages.

They never intended to admit that they are together even though there were speculations in recent months, especially after they had a vacation in Europe. Rocco said they first wanted to keep their relationship private, but it was okay to him that Lovi wanted to admit it. It's time everyone knows about them.

Although tradition dictates that it should be Rocco who must first confirm they are together, the actor said he thinks it should be the girl's prerogative whether or not she wants to say to the world that she's already taken. His job is to reconfirm that they have a relationship.

They have been officially "on" for two months, but Rocco said they are not the type of people to celebrate monthsaries. They had a casual dinner on their first month together.

But every day with Lovi is special, according to Rocco, adding that monthsaries are just extra special since it celebrates their togetherness. "But then, yun nga, every time na I’m with her, masayang-masaya ako."

Lovi is usually private when it comes to her personal life and her lovelife. Rocco admitted that he doesn't know what made Lovi admit their relationship. Maybe because she can sense that she's truly happy now, the actor said.

As for him, all he can say is he's very happy and comfortable with Lovi. It was a relief for him that Lovi took that initial step to say they are together.

After his trip to Cebu, he immediately went to Lovi's and asked what happened. Lovi said that Heart Evangelista was cheering her on and the audience in the studio was prodding her to say "yes."

It's a good thing that people know about them now, the actor said, adding that this was just a confirmation because they can already see how happy they are to be together.

Lovi finally agreed to be Rocco's girlfriend while they were having a dinner at the Eiffel Tower. It was really romantic, Rocco said. They were inseparable since then.

Rocco joked that he might propose to Lovi in the planet Mars. But of course, it is still too early to seriously think about settling down.

They both have their own set of priorities with Rocco starting a new show soon. Of course, they also have to go through challenges together, so they can prove the mettle of their relationship.

They are supported by their families. Rocco's parents and Lovi's mother are all okay. Now that everyone knows about them, they will even be more inseparable, Rocco said.

Their relationship just got more beautiful because of the admission from Lovi. Other couples are afraid to admit that they are together, but it's a different case for them because they know their priorities and they know they should take care of their careers.

They know how to balance things, and they also support each other.

During that interview on "Startalk," Lovi also admitted a past relationship with Kapamilya actor Jake Cuenca. Rocco said he doesn't bring that issue up since it's in the past.

What's important is what they have now. They don't have to dwell on the past, and they should just be happy and move on with their lives.

If Lovi is happy then Rocco is happy too.

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Rocco Nacino Happy About Lovi Poe's Admission

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