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Paul Jake Castillo Denies Overlapping Relationship With Melissa Ricks And Kaye Abad

Paul Jake Castillo denied that his relationship with ex-girlfriend Melissa Ricks overlapped with his current relationship with Kaye Abad.

In an earlier interview, Melissa said she was not surprised that Kaye and Paul Jake eventually got together. But Kaye denied this, saying that Melissa might mean that because she saw they were close friends.

That time, they even go out on double dates with Kaye's ex-boyfriend Guji Lorenzana.

Paul Jake said he respects Melissa's opinion, and that maybe she has that gut feeling before. But he can truly say nothing happened like that when he was still with Melissa.

"I’m not mad at her for feeling that way, wala akong magawa diyan, that’s what she thinks."

There are pros and cons in a relationship, and Kaye has been in the industry for so long that he already accepted that she has fans and detractors as well.

All he can say and confirm is that there was no overlapping in their relationship now.

Meanwhile, he opened up about his current relationship with Kaye. He said they are happy with their current status. It was a good partnership because they started out as friends and Paul Jake did not hide anything from Kaye. She knows him inside and out.

In their relationship, Paul Jake found out that he does not need to pretend, and he's happy about that.

Back then, he never thought he would fall for Kaye. People would always tease them to each other, but the Cebu-based businessman did not even think then that Kaye would be his girlfriend.

He can't really pinpoint the exact time he fell for Kaye.

There's a difference between Kaye as a friend and Kaye as a girlfriend. She is more thoughtful and caring now than before.

Paul Jake said he already introduced Kaye to his parents, and they hope that they can be together in the end.

He can see his future with Kaye already. That has always been his way when he has a girlfriend. But although he can see Kaye in the future, Paul Jake said the relationship is still fresh.

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Paul Jake Castillo Denies Overlapping Relationship With Melissa Ricks And Kaye Abad

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