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Louise Delos Reyes Denies Causing Aljur Abrenica-Kylie Padilla Breakup

Kapuso actress Louise Delos Reyes was in the center of controversies lately. First, she was allegedly the third party in the breakup of Kapuso artists Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla; and second, she's purportedly pregnant with Aljur's child.

On the other hand, Aljur was being pointed as the reason for Louise's own breakup with ex-boyfriend Enzo Pineda.

Louise said she would never be a part of the breakup of another couple. She and Aljur are just friends. She and Aljur were partners in the GMA-7 series "Kambal Sirena."

Louise explained that they were not the only cast members who became close to each other. They were also close to Mike Tan, their director, even her double and Mickey Ferriols.

She added that they were also close to people behind the camera--the staff and crew of the show. People just gave extra meaning to their closeness because of how tight knit the crew are.

Louise said this is the right time for her to talk about the issue. Since Aljur's breakup from Kylie, it was common knowledge that Louise caused that. Even Kylie said she already forgave the actress, but has no reason to talk to her.

Kylie hinted in several interviews that it was Louise who caused the separation.

But Louise remained adamant that it was not the case. "Wala kaming relasyon, hindi ako ang naging cause, at hindi siya [Aljur] ang naging cause ng kahit anong breakup."

There are just relationships that do not work, Louise said, adding that she wants to keep those reasons private.

Now that "Kambal Sirena" is over, do she and Aljur still go out? Louise said they still go out as a group because she has really gotten close to the cast and crew of the series. This is the first soap wherein she was close to all staff.

She also said that they never let these issues affect their working relationship. Even amid the rumors, Louise and Aljur remained professional while doing the show.

She admitted that they talked about the issue sometimes, but they just didn't mind it because they know there's no truth to it. Even the people around them know there's nothing going on, she added.

The actress said she and Aljur decided not to address the issue back then because everybody was still hurting, and the people would not listen and would not accept their explanations.

"So, hayaan muna natin na lahat mag-isip nang maayos, makapagnilay-nilay pa sa mga sasabihin, para hindi tayo makasakit ng mga tao."

There was never a time that she and Aljur had a mutual understanding. Louise said people were just misinterpreting their actions because they had to act sweet to each other.

She also denied rumors that she's pregnant and Aljur is the father. She laughed that just because she was gaining weight, people were saying that she was pregnant.

She explained that she loves eating and that she forgot to go to the gym lately. But now, Louise is back on the gym and she's also trying to find other activities that will fit her.

Also, there were times she forgets to eat dinner and just goes to sleep. When she wakes up, she's usually hungry and eats midnight snacks.

Louise said it was hard and painful for her that people were spreading rumors about her. On the other hand, she was happy also that God has given her wisdom to understand things.

For now, Louise is single, happy and definitely not dating.

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Louise Delos Reyes Denies Causing Aljur Abrenica-Kylie Padilla Breakup

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