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Possible Proposal Of Senator Chiz Escudero Not Related To Elections

It is only natural for people to assume that Senator Chiz Escudero's possible proposal to her is because of the 2016 elections, actress Heart Evangelista said. There are rumors that the senator would propose to the actress in time for the elections.

Heart said they are normal people these days, and she's just going with the flow. There is also no truth to rumors that Senator Chiz already proposed to her while they were vacationing in Europe.

She understands that a lot of people want to think that their relationship is election-related, but they don't actually talk about those things. Senator Chiz is reportedly gunning to run for a higher position in 2016.

Heart said she will support her boyfriend no matter what he wants in the future.

If ever the senator runs for the presidency and wins it, Heart will become a "First Lady." The actress said that if that happens, she may not be a perfect first lady, but she will definitely be better than the others.

She doesn't want to answer anything about politics. She will just make sure they will have separate priorities and projects when that happens. She doesn't want to think that she will be a first lady in the future.

Asked if they will have a prenuptial agreement, Heart took offense and said it's "gross" to talk about these things. Money matters, she added, are the worst things to talk about in a relationship.

There won't be a problem with her contract with GMA-7 if she gets married in the future. She never let showbiz ruin her life, she added.

Meanwhile, Heart shared that she has a better relationship with her father now. But when it comes to her mother, they haven't really talked at all because they still need more time.

Her parents disapproved of her relationship with the senator. They even accused him of being a drunkard and disrespecting the actress.

She has already forgiven her parents, but she's still traumatized because of what happened.

Meanwhile, Heart said she's happy for her friends, Lovi Poe and Alessandra de Rossi, for their respective love lives. They were together in "Legacy," and they grew close during the filming of the teleserye.

Lovi just admitted being in a relationship with Rocco Nacino while Alessandra is being linked to Sid Lucero.

Before, Heart said the two were always single while she's always in a relationship. She can feel now that they are both busy with their lives that she's sometimes left out.

"Pero I’m very supportive and I understand that they need also the time for their special someone."

Heart was previously linked to Sid, so do they have to talk about that? The actress said she doesn't want to talk about that issue because Sid and Alessandra never opened up about it.

Asked about Alessandra and Sid, Heart said she doesn't want to confirm anything because it's not her story to tell. She also denied there was an issue between her and Alessandra.

The truth it, they haven't talked lately because Alessandra is busy with her movie. They just laugh about these things, she added.

Heart is part of "Trophy Wife" where she will be working with John Estrada. It can be remembered that back in 2006, John and Heart's then boyfriend Jericho Rosales were involved in a physical altercation.

That was nothing, Heart said, adding that she closed that chapter of her heart that she already forgot about it. She was only 17 or 18 years old that time.

She never thought twice about working with John for the movie because she has gone through worst things in her life to think about that kind of issue.

Heart is still waiting for the right teleserye to be offered to her. But it's okay that she's not doing anything right now because she sometimes gets tired too.

She has grown so much as a person that she feels unproductive when she's not doing anything during taping, and teleseryes include a lot of waiting time.

But of course, Heart has to follow her contract with the network and sooner or later, she has to do a teleserye. It's about choosing the right soap though because she's not in the stage where she will just accept projects.

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Possible Proposal Of Senator Chiz Escudero Not Related To Elections

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