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Admitting Relationship With Rocco Nacino Is Liberating, Lovi Poe Says

Lovi Poe already expected that she would be pushed to admit her relationship with Rocco Nacino because it was Lolit Solis who was going to interview her.

The night before the interview, Lovi already prepared herself that she might be cajoled to reveal the real score between her and Rocco.

During the interview, her friend Heart Evangelista was also there. Heart expressed her support for Lovi, so Lovi realized it was time to take that step. She has always been private about her lovelife, so Heart may have wanted for her to try something new.

"It’s liberating but, at the same time, it’s kinda scary." Lovi felt she needed to share more about their relationship. She has always been private because she's afraid to answer questions like if a breakup happened.

She also doesn't want to talk about her past relationships.

For his part, Rocco said he felt giddy that Lovi was the first one to admit their relationship. He added that if Lovi only committed to him during their first trip, their Europe trip would have been more romantic.

But it was in Paris that Lovi agreed to be his girlfriend. Lovi said Rocco courted her for quite a long time. She added that she was not used to that kind of attention because she was always focused on her work and on her priorities.

Having Rocco though gave her an inspiration.

Meanwhile, Lovi shared that she's happy about the high ratings of "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" with Dingdong Dantes and Maricel Soriano. The other day, the hashtags #AlamNaNiSheila and #Sheila trended on Twitter.

Lovi is thankful to those who are supporting the teleserye. "Sa lahat ng mga reactions nila sa character ko rin, whether it’s good or bad, I’m glad they are affected because kahit ako, I have my negative and positive reaction towards my character."

She commended their writers too for the fast-paced story of the teleserye. Lovi said this has been the most challenging role for her to date. This is the first time she did a character that is the opposite of her real self.

Lovi's character is very much in love with Anthony (Dingdong) to the point that she's a martyr already. She has never fallen in love that way, the actress said.

It was hard for her to play the role because Sheila was opposite her character. She needed to justify her character, but she doesn't approve of it personally.

What was her motivation in playing the role? The motivation for Lovi is that she wants to show that women shouldn't do that. When you watch her role, it's not something you would want to happen to you, she explained.

Lovi said Sheila is also a victim because she's so naive and young that she doesn't know how to handle the situation. "Yun nga e, I hope women would open their eyes with situations like these. Kasi nga, when you fall in love for the first time or when it comes to your first love, some women get crazy at time."

It's a dream come true for Lovi to work together with Maricel, especially since they will be fighting against each other over Dingdong's character.

On the other hand, Lovi is also happy for her friends Heart and Alessandra de Rossi because they are all contented in their respective love lives. Heart is going steady with Senator Chiz Escudero while Alessandra is being linked to Sid Lucero.

She and Heart haven't seen each other that much because the actress just came from vacationing in Europe with the senator.

Lovi almost let something slip about Alessandra and Sid, who earlier denied any relationship. She said she doesn't want to say anything about that.

She also doesn't believe that there's an issue between Heart and Alessandra. She doubts that there's an issue between the two because they think of each other as sisters. And because they are more than friends, Lovi said she is sure they can surpass whatever that issue is.

Won't she advised Alessandra to be more open about her relationship? Lovi said Alessandra is a private person and she doesn't want to interfere in that. She can only say that if ever she's Sid's girlfriend now, then he's lucky because Alessandra takes care of the people she loves.

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Admitting Relationship With Rocco Nacino Is Liberating, Lovi Poe Says

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