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Piolo Pascual Admits It's Hard To Be Alone

Piolo Pascual said it's hard to be single and alone, and wake up each day without anyone beside him. But for now, he doesn't have the time to focus on his lovelife.

If he doesn't have work, he has to go home and take care of the house. He also has to run errands, pay the bills and go on a vacation once in a while.

But Piolo said he really doesn't have the time to have a girlfriend right now. He doesn't even have the time for himself, so he's just being practical.

He was previously linked to actress Shaina Magdayao.

Piolo recently signed a two-year contract with ABS-CBN. He said to himself that he must focus on his work and he must not try to look for someone special. To make it simple, he is married to his job now.

"I am depriving myself [of happiness] pero choice ko naman po 'yon. Kasi mas mahihirapan akong ipilit ang isang bagay na wala naman po akong oras."

Later on when he finishes his contract, Piolo hopes he will have time for love. That was why he thought of retirement before because he wanted to be fair to himself. He also wanted to be his own person, to be independent and to be a private individual.

At 37 years old, Piolo is already thinking about retirement. He believes that time is running fast. He doesn't want to find himself still acting like a child at 50 years old.

He wants to enjoy the fruits of his hard work while he still can, while he is still young and agile. When the time comes that he can have a vacation anytime he wants, Piolo wants it to be at his own pace. He doesn't want to think about his work anymore.

Right now, Piolo is still answerable to his contract. But in the future, he wants to enjoy his time and other things.

He's been in the showbiz industry for more than half of his life. He wants to be fair to himself. Also, Piolo said he has saved "enough to last me a lifetime."

Although he loves acting, he still wants to do many things like sports and traveling. It's not just he's being ungrateful, but he lost a lot of them before when he was super busy with work. In his new contract, Piolo asked for one day-off a week.

When he's doing a soap or a movie, the most rest he gets is sleep. He has no time for himself, no time for his son and no time for his family. He even has no time to date anyone.

He felt deprived by his schedule, the actor said, adding that retirement will allow him to focus on the other things he loves too.

Before, he always accepts all the projects being offered to him. There came a point in his life that he's choosing the right projects already. He wants to be able to have more time to rest and for other things as well.

Honestly, he's not sad with the thought of leaving showbiz. "Hindi ko iniisip na mawawalan ako ng isang bagay, because I can divert that passion to something else."

Still, he is grateful to showbiz for all the opportunities.

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Piolo Pascual Admits It's Hard To Be Alone

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