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Matteo Guidicelli Says Sarah Geronimo Is Worth The Challenges

Matteo Guidicelli knows there are a lot of challenges ahead for his relationship with Sarah Geronimo, but the actor said the Popstar Princess is worth it all.

He recognizes that it's a long way to go, but he only wants Sarah to be happy.

Matteo just came from a three-week work/vacation in the United States. Aside from his TFC duties in the East Coast (New Jersey and Virginia), Matteo also went to the West Coast to visit his sister, Giorgia Guidicelli, who recently graduated from college in California.

Giorgia and Matteo went home together because she will be based in the Philippines again after finishing her studies in the US.

In one of Matteo's US shows in New Jersey, he was with ex-girlfriend Maja Salvador. A lot were shocked because they weren't awkward at all. Matteo said there's no bitterness at all because they went their own ways respectfully. They are also civil with each other and they're friends.

Maja is now with Gerald Anderson while Matteo said he is very happy with Sarah now. Maja is doing great with her career, so Matteo said there is no reason to hate one another.

Sarah and Maja also have a good relationship as they were seen hugging each other during an "ASAP 19" episode. Matteo said it's very important that everybody's happy and contented.

Since Matteo was gone for three weeks, did he and Sarah see each other once he arrived? "Siyempre naman!"

Matteo was in the US when Sarah finally admitted that they are together. Their term of endearment for each other is "Mahal." Aside from the fact that she admitted their relationship, the actor-triathlete also felt proud that Sarah did something for herself.

She didn't tell him that she will be admitting their relationship. Matteo didn't want to say anything before out of respect to Sarah's parents.

A lot of people say that Matteo should be the one to admit about their relationship, but he said that their situation is "a little different than others."

He and Sarah are very happy because basically, all the comments have been positive. They even have a fan group called AshMatt (Sarah's full name is Sarah Asher).

He described Sarah as "nice and mature." Matteo learned to be grounded from Sarah. When they are together, he never felt that she's a big star. In fact, only when he watches her on television does he realizes that she's a big star. He's surprised to realize that Sarah's his girlfriend now.

She's learning still how to enjoy life, Matteo said. Asked how happy he is, Matteo said that he's "very happy, very, very happy."

Although nothing is perfect, the actor-triathlete said he's prepared to face the challenges for the actress-singer.

Divine Geronimo, Sarah's mother, is known to be strict and protective of her daughter. It means that Matteo must always court her and continually prove that he's worthy of her daughter.

It earned him the nickname "Matt-yaga." "It’s not over yet, it’s still a long process, ‘di ba?" He's a believer of having to work hard for the things that he wants.

Sarah will be celebrating her 26th birthday on July 25. They don't have any plans for that day yet because she may be working. Matteo hopes that the Popstar Princess can have a day-off so they can do something together.

Matteo bought workout clothes for Sarah in the US. Although they have not been working out together, Matteo said he hopes in the future they can do these activities.

He bought another gift for Sarah, but refused to divulge what it is.

What is his message for Sarah? Matteo said she already knows what he wants to say. He just wants to thank the people who are supporting them and who are happy for them.

He only wants Sarah to be happy. And although there is still a long way to go, Matteo said Sarah is worth it.

Meanwhile, Matteo will play a young doctor in "Flight 666," one of the three episodes in the 15th installment of the famous horror franchise "Shake, Rattle & Roll."

This is the first time Matteo will be working with Kapuso actress Lovi Poe, who will play a flight attendant of an airline with a "tiyanak" as one of its passengers.

The episode will be directed by Perci Intalan.

Matteo said he is very excited because this will be his first horror film. This is his second project with Regal Films after "Somebody To Love," which was directed by Joey Reyes, and will be shown on August 20.

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Matteo Guidicelli Says Sarah Geronimo Is Worth The Challenges

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