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Piolo Pascual Has No Time For Love, Shaina Magdayao

For a time, Piolo Pascual and Shaina Magdayao were dating consistently that some people thought they are going to announce their relationship soon. But, Piolo said his lack of time for himself led him to severe whatever romantic ties he had with Shaina.

He is only grateful that he and Shaina remained as friends even though they are not dating now. They were friends when they started going out, and they are friends until now.

Whatever happens in the future, all they can say is that they were able to preserve the friendship.

Piolo said they were never romantically together, so there was no separation and there was no bad blood between them. He remains good friends with her and her family. He is even friends with Vina Morales, Shaina's sister.

He cannot commit himself to Shaina because he is busy with his career. Piolo said he doesn't want to be unfair to anyone. If he will try to be in a relationship, he is afraid he may just ruin their friendship.

Piolo doesn't regret anything because at the end of the day, they remain friends to each other and they have no issues against each other. "We're good friends."

One of the reasons why he doesn't want to have a girlfriend right now is because of his son, Inigo. He promised him before that he won't have a girlfriend until he turns 18 years old.

Piolo admitted it was an immature decision on his part, but Inigo was still young at the time he made that promise. When Piolo did not fulfill that and had a girlfriend, Inigo was naturally hurt and angry.

Piolo only had one showbiz relationship--KC Concepcion.

"So, I don’t wanna do it the second time around for the kid to be traumatized and not believe my word anymore."

Inigo also promised Piolo that he won't have a girlfriend until he turns 18. For his part, Piolo said he wants to spend as much time as he can with Inigo.

How does he maintain that bond with Inigo? Open communication, Piolo said. They don't keep anything from each other, and they usually talk about all things.

In the end, Piolo said he wants to have another son/daughter, but not this time because he still has a contract with ABS-CBN.

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Piolo Pascual Has No Time For Love, Shaina Magdayao

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