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Bela Padilla Speaks On Issue About Kylie Padilla And Aljur Abrenica

Bela Padilla supports her cousin Kylie Padilla in her recent breakup with Aljur Abrenica, who she will be starring with in a new movie. Although she admitted that it will be awkward working with the actor, Bela said she wants to be professional about it.

She is sad that her cousin, Kylie, had to go through such a heartbreak. Kylie hinted that Aljur had an affair with Louise Delos Reyes.

But Bela said Kylie is such a strong person, and that she's a fighter. "In our family, she’s one of the tough ones."

The actress-scriptwriter is sure Kylie's going to get over the breakup soon. It's the reality of life, she added. She doesn't want to speak about it anymore because nothing she said will help Kylie.

She talked with Kylie when she got back from a vacation in Australia. Bela said her cousin looked happy and "sexy." Kylie sent her a message through Instagram when she was still in Australia, but she did not reply to what Bela said.

It's okay because maybe Kylie was just not ready to talk about the issue, Bela added.

She doesn't know anything about what happened between Kylie and Aljur. She only knows what she reads from the media. Besides, Kylie has always been a private person and she doesn't broadcast her heartbreak.

Whatever she is going through, it is better to leave Kylie on her own.

Bela has worked with Aljur in a number of projects. And although she doesn't want to see her cousin brokenhearted over him, Bela said she doesn't want to interfere into their issue.

She knows him as a nice person but "even the nicest people do wrong things." Bela said she cannot judge Aljur because she doesn't know what really happened. "Yun nga, matatanda na sila alam na nila kung ano ang ginagawa nila."

She and Aljur will star in a new movie entitled, "Cain at Abel." Her role will be Aljur's girlfriend.

Bela said she might just give one awkward line to Aljur, and then go back to work. There's no need to ready herself for her eventual scenes with Aljur. She has no place to interfere into what happened between him and Kylie.

She's also a non-confrontational person, so she won't do anything that will make their working relationship more complicated than it already is.

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Bela Padilla Speaks On Issue About Kylie Padilla And Aljur Abrenica

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