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Marlon Stockinger Approves Of Sarah Geronimo For Friend Matteo Guidicelli

Marlon Stockinger is one of Matteo Guidicelli's oldest and closest friends out of showbiz. He and Matteo used to dream of being the first Pinoy race car driver to join the Formula One.

Matteo eventually forayed into acting while Marlon continued to pursue their dreams, and is now a member of the Lotus F1 Team.

The Fil-Swiss race car champion believes Matteo and Sarah are good for each other. He hasn't had the chance to meet the Popstar Princess, but he can see that Matteo is very happy with his lovelife.

Marlon was supposed to meet Sarah when she had dinner with Matteo's non-showbiz friends earlier, but he was out of the country that time and didn't have the chance again.

He doesn't want to speak too much about the couple, but he is happy that they are now out in the open. He understands that it is important in showbiz industry to know who's going out with who, so Marlon said it is easier for Matteo and Sarah to be themselves now that everybody knows about their relationship.

Sarah's admission of their relationship is definitely a "positive development," he said.

Although they don't see each other that much, Marlon said he and Matteo know they are proud of each other's accomplishments. He also knows Matteo is proud of what he has achieved in the race car industry.

Marlon said he admires Matteo because it takes a lot of commitment to achieve what he is doing in showbiz. Matteo has the talent for acting and hosting while he is more focused on racing.

"I’m just glad that he’s also doing well with what he’s chosen to do."

Just the other day, the friends had a chance to do triathlon training together. Although Matteo is no longer active in sports, Marlon said the love for sports never really goes away.

Matteo does the triathlon training for his craft while Marlon does it to vary up what he usually does in race training.

Marlon won third place in the 7th round of the Formula Renault 3.5 series in Germany last July 14.

Because he is busy with his career, the race car driver said he is not ready yet to have a girlfriend. Race car "is my girlfriend." But of course, he goes out on date when he has the time and the opportunity.

As much as he wants to have a girlfriend in the Philippines, Marlon is afraid he may be unfair to her because he's usually out of the country. But if he ever finds someone who's understanding of what he does, then he will gladly take that chance.

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Marlon Stockinger Approves Of Sarah Geronimo For Friend Matteo Guidicelli

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