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Gladys Reyes Says Aljur Abrenica And Louise Delos Reyes Were Sweet On The Set

Gladys Reyes starred alongside controversial Aljur Abrenica and Louise Delos Ryes on GMA-7's primetime series "Kambal Sirena." Aljur and Louise are rumored to have an affair that caused their respective relationships to break down.

Gladys said she usually sees them sweet to each other but then, there are times they act normal towards one another. She can't really judge if there's something more to their partnership and friendship.

Aljur broke up with Kylie Padilla while Louise left Enzo Pineda. Both Kylie and Enzo hinted that a third party caused their breakups.

She doesn't know if they are still close now because she doesn't see them that much. There's nothing surprising if they fell for each other, Gladys said, because a lot of actresses and actors have fallen for each other while on the set.

She and husband Christopher Roxas met on the set of "Mara Clara," after all.

The veteran actress said she never had a verbal confirmation from Aljur or Louise, but all she can say was that they were very sweet to each other.

Gladys said there are a lot of younger stars now compared to her and Judy Ann Santos' time. They played Mara and Clara in the 10-year run of the soap opera.

If one watches "ASAP" or "Sunday All Stars," it is very obvious how many new stars there are now in the industry, Gladys said.

When it comes to their attitudes, so far, Gladys hasn't met anyone who disrespected her. Of course, there are some of those who don't know her so they won't really stop to greet her.

For example, she found out when they were doing "LaLola" that Rhian Ramos has no idea about "Mara Clara." She wasn't able to watch it anymore. So, Gladys said she cannot expect all artists to know what she and Judy Ann did before in their respective careers.

But she can see that the younger generation of artists are still humble and they know how to give respect to the veteran artists. Louise, for example, has always been respectful of her despite the fact that she starred in numerous soaps already.

Meanwhile, Gladys was also asked about the 100th year anniversary celebration of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Gladys is a member of INC and hosts a program on its Net 25 channel.

The actress said she cannot say anything about the movie "Sugo," which was supposed to be a retelling of the life of INC's leadership. She doesn't know if she's part of the movie because she never shot a scene for it. Even her husband did not shoot any scenes.

Her role would be hosting the Philippine Arena stage play for the anniversary. With regards to the movie, Gladys has no idea if it will still push through.

The anniversary will be held this July.

She doesn't know who to ask also about the movie. Some said there was a shooting in Las Casas in Bataan, but Gladys was not sure if it was part of the movie or if it was for the stage play.

During their last meeting, the script is still being fixed, so there are still a lot of changes in it.

Gladys said she cannot follow up on the movie because she also has a lot of things to take care of. Just the other day, she talked with Judy Ann because of a project they will be doing for the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

After "Kambal Sirena," Gladys is now busy for her daily morning show for GMA-7, "Basta Everyday Happy," and "Moments" for Net 25.

Every Friday, she has to write and edit her script for the episode of "Moments." She's also interested in doing another sitcom or in hosting a game show.

Her contract with GMA will end this November. So far, she has a good relationship with GMA-7 because they always have projects for her.

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Gladys Reyes Says Aljur Abrenica And Louise Delos Reyes Were Sweet On The Set

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