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Sarah Geronimo Happy With People's Reaction To Her Relationship With Matteo Guidicelli

Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo said she appreciates how people are reacting positively to her admission that she and actor-triathlete Matteo Guidicelli are in a relationship. She is thankful that there have been a lot of positive comments regarding them as a couple.

How is she balancing her life now that she has a successful career and a blossoming lovelife? Sarah said she must learn how to balance everything since they are both part of the industry.

Sarah's lovelife has always been a subject of much speculation because she has been secretive of it. Her parents, Divine and Delfin, are known to be overly strict and protective of the Popstar Princess.

Finally, her parents allowed her to have a boyfriend. Judy Ann Santos, a close friend of the singer-actress, said Divine and Delfin have already given their approval to the couple.

Although she is happy right now, Sarah said she still wants more in her life. She still has many dreams for herself and her family.

Someone said that Sarah seems to be perfect, but the Popstar Princess said there are times she wasn't nice too. When she's hurt or angry, there's a part of her that's not "perfect."

She still has insecurities now despite the fame she has been amassing. Of course, no one is saved from insecurities, she added. She still wants to do more for her personal growth.

In this business, Sarah said there are still a lot of things she wants to accomplish.

When it comes to her parents, Sarah said she will always respect them and be thankful to them for what they did for her. Even in the future, if she gets married, she knows that she will always be indebted to her parents.

Is there a perfect timing in love? Sarah was previously linked to actors Gerald Anderson and Rayver Cruz.

The actress-singer said there must be no perfect timing for anything. Love, especially, is a risky endeavor. Hopefully though, she made the right choice.

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Sarah Geronimo Happy With People's Reaction To Her Relationship With Matteo Guidicelli

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