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Ryan Bang Gets Offended By Alex Gonzaga's Jokes

Ryan Bang said it was hard for him to hear how Alex Gonzaga called him "ugly" and told him to "change your parents" in an episode of "It's Showtime." Ryan was rumored to be courting the TV host.

It was hurtful because it was true, Ryan said, adding that it would be less painful if it was said by someone who's ugly also. But since Alex is beautiful, it was more offending.

He knows he's not good-looking, but he cannot help that it still pains him to hear her say that. Ryan also did not like Alex's joke that he should change his parents.

Although he is a comedian and he's not usually sensitive to jokes, there are some things that are bordering on insulting, Ryan said.

He also denied pursuing Alex relentlessly. This was amid reports that she was rejected by the TV host. He thought Alex liked him too, and that was why they were close.

Ryan never courted Alex seriously, so he doesn't think it is right to report that he was rejected.

In fact, Ryan has a girlfriend now, also a Korean and a student at the Far Eastern University. She's very simple, humble and caring. Ryan said he's happy to be with her.

He clarified though that he and Alex are still friends, and they can get pass the misunderstanding.

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Ryan Bang Gets Offended By Alex Gonzaga's Jokes

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