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Katrina Halili Happy For Hayden Kho's Reinstatement As Medical Doctor

Katrina Halili doesn't want to be angry anymore at Hayden Kho Jr. and what happened to them before. She's happy for him that he can practice his profession as a medical doctor again after being reinstated by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) Medical Board.

Katrina said she doesn't want to be "nega" (negative) anymore because it will only attract bad vibes. She cannot cry over what happened because she really doesn't care anymore.

Besides, everyone deserves to be happy, so she's simply happy that Hayden can now go back to his life.

Katrina filed a medical malpractice complaint against Hayden for allegedly performing a procedure on her even though he was lacking of training and residency. This happened amid the sex scandal controversy involving Hayden, Katrina and several other personalities.

Why was it easier for her to accept what happened now? Because she's happy, the actress said. She already forgave Hayden.

Looking back, she did all those things because she was hurt by what he did. But Katrina said she was also at fault because she never should have entered into that kind of relationship.

She was still young then, and didn't know any better. Now, when she sees scenes like that on movies, she can safely say that she has gone through that feeling too.

Since the sex video leaked on the Internet in 2009, she and Hayden have never met face to face. Hayden is now a Born Again Christian.

Hayden tried to reach out to Katrina to apologize. Katrina said a common friend of hers and Dra. Vicki Belo, Hayden's on-and-off-again girlfriend, told her that Hayden was looking for a way to talk to her.

Katrina said it was better if Dra. Vicki was there too because she doesn't want to be with Hayden alone.

That never transpired. Katrina just said that she moved on from what happened, and she already accepted that she made the wrong decisions too.

If Hayden apologizes to her, then good. If not, Katrina doesn't mind it. "Hindi naman siguro kailangang mag-antay ng ganun kasi yun nga, sa huli, na-realize ko rin naman na mali rin ako."

Regarding Dra. Vicki, Katrina said there was a time they were okay, but after the issue cropped up and because the doctor was involved there, their relationship fell apart.

There are a lot of things the video scandal made her realize, Katrina said, adding that she has more focus now and direction. She's also more careful now because she wants to be a good role model to her daughter.

She's also more aware now of the things she has to do and the things she should avoid.

Katrina has a daughter with singer Kris Lawrence. Her name is Katy. The two are not married yet, so Katrina doesn't want them to live in the same house. She wants them to focus on Katy.

She doesn't want to enter into a relationship that she isn't sure of. She doesn't want Katy to ask why Kris was sleeping in their home when they are not married. Katrina doesn't want Katy to be like her.

But the actress clarified that she and Kris are okay, and that they even go to Church. For now, they want to save up for their future. She wants them to be ready physically, emotionally and financially.

"Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, hindi puwede yung basta ka na lang go nang go."

Katrina said some bashers say she's being too picky about the situation when she already has a daughter. Yet, she simply wants to correct what she did wrong.

Meanwhile, Katrina wants to bring Katy to her taping for "Nino" but she's being careful too because their location is not exactly child-friendly.

She's looking for a schedule that would be convenient to the both of them.

Katrina shared that Katy looks more like her now than Kris.

The actress has a different role now than her contrabida characters before. She received many positive feedbacks on Twitter.

The next time she accepts a contrabida role, Katrina wants something with a backstory. She has long wanted to break away from a contrabida role, but she had no choice then, she laughed.

She also learned how to control her acting skills because doing a "nice" role is very different from a contrabida character.

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Katrina Halili Happy For Hayden Kho's Reinstatement As Medical Doctor

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