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Gab Valenciano Gets Weirded Out By Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia Relationship

At first, Gab Valenciano admitted it was a little weird to see his friend Billy Crawford with his ex-girlfriend Coleen Garcia. But of course, he's happy for the couple now and hopes the best for them.

He clarified that there was no anger or bitterness from him. He can see that they are both happy. Gab said he hasn't since them since he left last year for the States, so he's just happy for them.

He doesn't have any problem about seeing any of his exes. At this point in his life, he's contented because he already found his future wife, Tricia Centenera.

Gab found someone who loves his family, God, and who is willing to have a family with him.

He wants to have kids young like his father, Gary Valenciano. They grew up together. He's 26 years old now, but he wants to have kids before he reaches 30 years old.

Of course, it all depends if he's financially ready to provide for his future family.

Gab said he and Tricia will get married next year here in the Philippines. They plan to get married somewhere near the mountains.

But they will give themselves three years before they start having kids. A lot of people keep asking them why they had to get married that early, but Gab said they knew each other for so long already.

Gab wants to have a music production business in the States. He said Tricia is very supportive, and he will not be distracted because of her. In fact, she told him that Gab is allowed to do what he needs to do and then, she will be there to support him still.

The best man in his future wedding is his brother Paolo Valenciano while Jericho Rosales will be one of the groomsmen. They are still completing the entourage.

Next month, Gab will be going to Los Angeles with Tricia. They originally plan for Gab to go alone, but Tricia also wanted to work there.

Gab wants to assure Tricia that he's serious about her and wants to get to know her more, and that was why he asked her to get married.

He changed a lot in the States. He had no driver and no nanny. He had to take care of himself. He cannot shop because he has expenses too.

His house there is just a studio type and has no kitchen. It is too small that once you enter, you'll see the bed already.

Gab was able to provide for himself because he did songs for "ASAP." About five to six songs in a month, he said. That's enough for him to pay his bills, but not to buy new shoes or other luxury items.

Meanwhile, Gab saw another ex-girlfriend--Isabel Oli--during the FAMAS Awards Night. Isabel was there to present an award while Gab had a dance number.

He didn't have the chance to greet Isabel though, but he said he's happy for her and John Prats. In fact, John came up to him and told him he's serious about Isabel.

If he bumps into them one of these days, Gab said he's going to greet them and wish them luck.

He's super okay already with his life. All the cards are on the table. Tricia once told him that they've both gotten to a point that they dated enough people to know what they want and what they don't want.

It's not that his ex-girlfriends were bad people. It just so happened that they are not meant for him. "With Tricia, we may not be perfect people, but I believe our partnership is perfect."

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Gab Valenciano Gets Weirded Out By Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia Relationship

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