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Karylle Has Issues With Vice Ganda Before, But Also Learned From Him

Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon admitted that her friendship with Vice Ganda, her co-star in "It's Showtime," was not perfect and they had their ups and downs. But she also said she learned a lot from him.

Vice and Karylle won as the Loveteam of the Year during the Yahoo! Celebrity Awards last Friday (July 18).

Before her wedding to singer Yael Yuzon, Karylle and Vice had a misunderstanding because Yael apparently disapproves of the ViceRylle loveteam.

Vice and Yael eventually settled their issue, and Vice even attended their wedding.

Karylle said that because of these things, she learned a lot from Vice. There are friends who will just let you be the way you are forever, but there are friends also who will change you for the better, the singer added.

It's nice to be pushed to the limit, and Vice has always pushed Karylle to improve and develop. That's something she will always be thankful to him for.

"It's not a perfect friendship, but it's a wonderful friendship nonetheless."

What makes them unique is that they went through challenges. Just recently, she told Vice that they are renovating their house, so Vice told her that he will be giving her a gift.

Vice and Yael are okay now, and they even have their own bonding topics that Karylle doesn't want to reveal. It's nice to see them hang out too, she added.

Meanwhile, Karylle discovered a lot of things about Yael like how resourceful he is and how responsible he is when it comes to household chores.

When it comes to having a baby, Karylle said the right time will come for that. For now, they are just enjoying each other and adjusting to their life as a married couple.

She is also thankful that both their parents and families have been very supportive of their marriage.

Since she mentioned their parents, Karylle was also asked about the possibility of her mother ZsaZsa Padilla marrying her boyfriend, architect Conrad Onglao.

Karylle said she hasn't heard anything about that. For now, she asked the media to let her mother enjoy her relationship. She wants her to enjoy the honeymoon phase first.

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Karylle Has Issues With Vice Ganda Before, But Also Learned From Him

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