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Gerald Anderson Shares The Things That Make Him Happy

Family, career and girlfriend Maja Salvador. These are the things that allow actor Gerald Anderson to have a positive outlook in life.

When you are surrounded by the people who matter to you, then there should be no reason for you to complain about life, the actor believed.

Gerald said that these things give him a reason to live and continue fighting on. Whatever the problem is, he decided to maintain a positive attitude because he has already been so blessed in terms of his family, career and lovelife.

Asked about the secret to his long-lasting relationship with Maja (they just spent their one year anniversary), Gerald said they are just a normal couple also who does what normal couples do in everyday life.

Although they are both busy with their respective careers, Gerald makes sure they have time for each other. Also, he said their careers are still their priorities in life, and they both understand how important their works are.

The couple has gone through so much in the past year, especially with the issue about Maja and Gerald's ex-girlfriend Kim Chiu. The two former bestfriends had a falling out when Maja welcomed Gerald's advances.

Kim said she was hurt because Maja used to be the person she tells her problems with Gerald to. They didn't talk to each other for over a year, but have recently started communicating again.

Gerald said it's different now because everyone can see that he's happy with his life. He's a transparent person, and it is easy to see his mood on his expressions.

Of course, he knows there will still be challenges ahead for them, but that's part of showbiz, Gerald said. He's not a worrier though, so he chooses to face the problems when it's there. He doesn't worry about something that has not happened yet.

Now that "Dyesebel," the top-rating teleserye he starred in with Anne Curtis and Sam Milby, has finished taping, will he be taking a short break? Yes, Gerald said.

He'll have a short vacation while waiting for his next project. He still doesn't know if it will be a movie or another teleserye.

Gerald said he hasn't planned that vacation yet, so he doesn't know if Maja will be able to come with him.

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Gerald Anderson Shares The Things That Make Him Happy

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