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Billy Crawford And Coleen Garcia Are Officially An Item

Billy Crawford finally admitted the rumors that he and his “It’s Showtime” co-host Coleen Garcia are an item. He admitted it during the July 24 episode of the noontime show after co-hosts Vhong Navarro and Vice Ganda pointed out that the couple were wearing matching shoes.

Rumors about Coleen and Billy first started cropping up after Billy broke up with his girlfriend of five years, Nikki Gil. The singer-actress also hinted that a third party caused their breakup. Billy and Coleen, at first, denied they were together, but Billy eventually admitted he is courting the TV host.

Nikki is now going out with a non-showbiz guy. She said she has already moved on from the breakup last year.

Billy said he’s feels happy and blessed to finally receive that “yes” from Coleen. On the other hand, the TV host-model said she just decided say “yes” to him on July 23 after she fetch him from the airport at 4AM. Coleen said Billy was “makulit,” asking her every day if she’s finally ready to commit to him.

Billy said they just want this time to be their “moment.” He added that they don’t owe an explanation to anyone. Coleen shared that Billy asked her if she can be his girlfriend, and she answered “okay.” He asked her several times before finally receiving a “yes.”

The international star said he just never gives up on Coleen because he can feel that they are right for each other. Now, both of them can admit that their relationship has a label already because they have been going out for quite some time now.

Coleen said she finally realized she is ready to be with Billy because that “label” was the only thing missing in their relationship. She doesn’t feel any difference, and she actually feels lighter and happier now that they are officially together.

She said that Billy leaving for the United States is just one factor to why she decided she should say “yes” to him already. She’s coming around, anyway, and she realized she missed him when he was away. As for Billy, he just worked in the US, but he also missed being with Coleen.

Billy calls her “Boss Lady” because she bosses his friends around. Coleen, however, said she has no term of endearment for Billy yet.

Will it be good for their relationship that they are together every day? Coleen said it would be better for them because they wouldn’t sleep with their problems since they are going to see each other the next day anyway.

She doesn’t think that they will end up being fed up of each other because they get to discover a lot of things about them when they are together every day. Coleen believes you cannot know another person 100 percent unless you are with that person every single day.

What is their message to each other? Billy said Coleen already knows how he feels. He just wants her to be happy and he wants to be the best man he can be for her. “Even I have my mistakes, I’ll just be there regardless of when she needs me or not.”

As for Coleen, she said that Billy has always been there for her and she will also always be there for the singer. She’s happy to be in a relationship with a partner she also considers to be her bestfriend.

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Billy Crawford And Coleen Garcia Are Officially An Item

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