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Jaclyn Jose Settles Rift With Daughter Andi Eigenmann

Jaclyn Jose said the rift between her and daughter Andi Eigenmann has finally been mended. But Andi, as planned, will still be moving out of her mother’s house.

Jaclyn revealed that Andi already found a place in Wack-Wack, but she hasn’t moved there yet. She believes it’s finally time for her daughter to be on her own. Besides, it will lessen Jaclyn’s financial responsibilities at home.

The veteran and award-winning actress is happy that she and her daughter have finally settled their issue. Andi even had bibimbap (a Korean dish) delivered for her on the set of “Vampire Ang Daddy Ko.” It can be remembered that Jaclyn and Andi had a falling out when the veteran actress spoke against her daughter’s relationship with Jake Ejercito, son of Manila Mayor Erap Estrada.

How did they fix their issue? Jaclyn said it was when she found out that her sister in Los Angeles was sick. She was in Sta. Rosa at that time. When she went home, she was crying and Andi was the one who comforted her. She told her mother that she should go and visit her sister in LA.

From there, they became okay. Jaclyn said she doesn’t want to fight with Andi again because it was very traumatizing for her. It means that she won’t interfere into Andi’s personal relationship anymore. She will just be supporting her daughter.

Jaclyn admitted that she will miss her granddaughter, Ellie, once Andi moves out of their place. She told Andi that she will borrow Ellie when Andi is out of town for work.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn also talked about her lovelife. She said she’s okay now but she doesn’t want a boyfriend who is younger than her. The father of her youngest was 10 years younger than her, Jaclyn admitted. She feels guilty when she has a relationship with a guy so much younger than her.

She wants someone who is mature and who’s of age already. Besides, she already enjoyed her lovelife when she was younger, so it’s time to be more serious now, Jaclyn said.

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Jaclyn Jose Settles Rift With Daughter Andi Eigenmann

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