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James Yap Feels Blessed This 2014

Basketball star James Yap said he feels very blessed this 2014 because of the pace of his career, his lovelife and even his relationship with ex-wife Kris Aquino and their son, Bimby.

James said that the success of San Mig Coffee Mixers has been overwhelming, and he is more grateful that he and Kris fixed their issues while he tries to make up for lost time with Bimby. Also, his career is taking quite a turn as he is the newest endorser of ZTE phones.

He feels blessed now because this is what he has always been praying for—for everything in his life to be fixed and balanced—especially the part about his family life. He shared that he usually sees and bonds with Bimby, and they are better now than before.

He regularly sees him either every Friday or Saturday, depending on Bimby’s and Kris’ schedule. Besides, James said those are his only free days too. James, however, refused to talk about his other child, the one who’s mother was his college ex-girlfriend.

Out of respect to his ex and the private life of his child, James said he will not comment about anything with regards to that issue.

James hopes that the issue with Kris is finally done and over. He said that he doesn’t want to see Bimby growing up and having to deal with the problems in their family life. He is only praying that everything will be okay from now on.

He never expected that he and Kris would be civil to each other again, but he is glad they were able to do it for Bimby.

What can he say to Kris’ statement that she has given up on love? The basketball player said he is not in a position to comment about her lovelife. He is sure that she is happy to be with her sons, Josh and Bimby. James said he might say something that Kris would take offense against, so it would be better for him not to comment about it.

For now, James only wishes for good health and the continuous blessing on his career, lovelife and family life. Even his girlfriend Michela Cazzola has a good relationship with Bimby. Kris even has good words for Michela, an Italian national working in the finance industry.

Even though he has a good relationship with Michela, James is not thinking about settling down because marriage is not something you just go ahead and do. He knows how hard it is to undergo an annulment process.

Hopefully, Michela will be the person he marries next, James said. They are just enjoying their relationship now. They will be having a vacation for one month in Italy. Afterwards, James would undergo therapy for her lower back.

The therapy would be just for maintenance because he has to take care of himself too. After all, he wasn’t able to rest for about one year.

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James Yap Feels Blessed This 2014

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