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Nikki Gil Is Exclusively Dating A Non-Showbiz Guy

Actress-singer Nikki Gil admitted she is currently exclusively dating a non-showbiz guy after her breakup from Billy Crawford last year. Reports said the non-showbiz guy is a certain BJ Albert, the owner of the bar 2nds in The Fort, Bonifacio Global City.

Nikki insisted the guy wasn’t her college barkada, but he also studied at the Ateneo de Manila University, where the singer-actress graduated from college. They have a lot of common friends who were surprised to find out they didn’t know each other. They introduced him and Nikki, and the rest is history.

She said it wasn’t a conscious choice for her not to date a showbiz guy because her last relationship (of five years) failed. She said, though, that dating someone from outside showbiz is “less complicated.” There is less interest in their relationship, and people don’t ask too many questions about them.

Nikki also denied that she was traumatized by what happened last year. She simply likes the “peace and quiet” that her current relationship brings.

Nikki and Billy broke up a year ago over what the actress-singer hinted a “third party.” Although she never revealed who caused their breakup, reports pointed to Billy’s “It’s Showtime” co-host Coleen Garcia. The two recently admitted they are in a relationship.

The actress-singer said she has many showbiz couples friends who made it work even though they are in the business. For her, she just likes this non-showbiz relationship because she doesn’t have to open up to the public.

She has a lot of guy friends in showbiz, so Nikki would never say she was traumatized by them. She never became bitter of love, and never swore off being in love. This kind of thing happens to everybody, Nikki said, and she was not alone in feeling the pain of it all.

“It’s not a unique story at all, it’s not different, I know a lot of people who have gone through it in this room alone.” She didn’t see the need to go through a “bitter” phase in her life because she will lose the chance to see the blessings coming her way and the people she will eventually meet.

She can completely say now that she has moved on from the breakup. She also thinks the public is fed up from the issue already.

Meanwhile, she said she won’t be willing to work with her ex-boyfriend. She’s a transparent person, and when she’s uncomfortable, it will show, Nikki added. This will only make whatever project they are doing suffer from her discomfort.

It is not necessary for them to work even though they have the same manager although it is possible for them to be casted in the same project. They have gone a year without having to work with each other, and Nikki said it should continue like that.

When it comes to Coleen, Nikki refused to comment other than saying they saw each other in a fashion event in Subic. She also confirmed that they didn’t even greet each other at the event.

The past five years were a learning process for the actress-singer. She said she realized a lot about herself—both as an individual and as a partner.

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Nikki Gil Is Exclusively Dating A Non-Showbiz Guy

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