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Cristine Reyes Talks About Rumored Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

Cristine Reyes is more open now to talk about the Filipino-Persian non-showbiz guy she is exclusively dating. Although the guy has a foreign blood, Cristine clarified that he grew up in the Philippines. He is working as a martial arts trainer.

How is the guy coping now that he is dating a celebrity? At first, it was a bit awkward for the guy because he’s not used to seeing people asking Cristine for an autograph or a picture. But slowly, it feels like the guy is getting used to it already, the actress said.

He may also be the reason why the actress wants to do less sexy scenes now. Cristine also said she wants to be a better Christian, and it is not right for her to do so many daring roles already. She is thinking about her future, and is attending Mass every Sunday. It does not look good if she’s doing sexy movies and at the same time, working to be a good Christian.

It’s not that what she is doing is bad, but Cristine said she’s done with it already. She already did a lot of movies, teleseryes and photoshoots, so it’s about time for her to move on to a more serious image.

Cristine said she’s thinking about what the other people would say when they see her in their Christian community. If she’s doing a sexy project and they are taught different things every Sunday, then there seems to be a disconnect in her intentions.

It’s a personal decision for her to stay away from sexy projects, the actress said. The non-showbiz guy she is dating is also a Christian. She can already see her future with the guy, she added.

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Cristine Reyes Talks About Rumored Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

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