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Gabby Eigenmann Hints Sid Lucero And Alessandra De Rossi May Be Going Out

What you see is what you get. This is how Gabby Eigenmann described the relationship of his half-brother Sid Lucero and rumored girlfriend Alessandra de Rossi.

Gabby said Alex is very close to their family, and they knew her since ages ago. Although the two have yet to admit their relationship, Gabby said it’s as if they are already a couple, so there’s no need to ask. He added that not only Alex is close to their family, but also to him personally.

He’s definitely supporting the couple if they are really together. Gabby said all of them in the Eigenmann family have always been supportive of each other’s partners.

Sid and Alex were rumored to be together when they arrived in several events. Lovi Poe and Heart Evangelista, Alex’s friends, seemed to hint that Alex is very happy with Sid in a recent interview. Reports said Alex got angry at Heart’s interference, although the two are back to being friends now.

Sid, in a separate interview, already denied that he is dating the award-winning actress.

Meanwhile, Gabby is receiving rave reviews for his performance as a gay actor in “Dading.” He said he is even more pressured when the reviews are coming. It’s true that they are receiving positive feedbacks about their teleserye.

That is really what they want to achieve—to touch a lot of people. Gabby shared that there are many “dading” (gay fathers) who are outing themselves to society. “And iyon naman talaga ang goal namin—to make them come out na… it’s okay to be a gay parent, ‘di ba?”

Some of the feedback they received said that the show is giving them guidance in terms of how to come out as a gay parent, or how to explain it to their kids and society in general.

This is not the first time that Gabby will be portraying a gay role, although he has to do a full soap for “Dading.” This is something new for him because most of the roles he portrayed before are contrabida characters then suddenly, he has to be a gay father.

He doesn’t mind if he will be typecasted to gay roles because it’s just work for him. If something comes up again and a gay role is offered to him, Gabby won’t be offended.

It’s not that he is more comfortable with gay roles now, but he appreciates it better than the first time he did one. Carding, his character, is very delicate, so he always has to be careful on the emotions, the execution and even the physical aspect of the character.

Gabby’s kids do not always get to watch his show because they’re in school when it airs. But one time, during the typhoon, they were able to catch an episode of “Dading.” Although they were surprised that he plays a gay role, they said it’s okay than being a contrabida again.

Before, when he’s doing a contrabida role, he goes home angry because he was still imbibing his character. But Carding, as a character, is certainly nicer than his contrabida roles. It’s part of the job, Gabby said.

He’s thankful, though, that his kids are smart enough to realize what’s true and what’s not.

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Gabby Eigenmann Hints Sid Lucero And Alessandra de Rossi May Be Going Out

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