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Jake Vargas Has Bea Binene’s Name Tattooed On His Arm

Jake Vargas seemed to be really serious in his relationship with co-Kapuso artist Bea Binene. He recently had her name tattooed on his right arm, near his wrist. Bea and Jake have been going out for more than a couple of years.

Jake said this is the second tattoo he had done. The first one was the name of his mother, who passed away in 2011. He said the two women are the most special people in his life.

The tattoo was done in March, Jake shared. He had to ask Bea’s permission before having the tattoo. When Bea saw it, she was both surprised and happy with the gesture. She also likes that her name was tattooed in red.

Bea, on the other hand, didn’t have Jake’s name tattooed. He doesn’t mind, though, because he’s the one who wants to prove that he is serious about the actress. Jake shared that Bea’s mother won’t allow the teen actress to get a tattoo.

Because her name is now tattooed on his body, does it mean that nobody can court Bea anymore? Jake said everybody knows they are serious with their relationship, so he’s simply asking for respect now that they are in a better place.

Although a lot of their fans were giddy that Jake did this, there are also those who criticize the actor as jumping the gun. After all, many celebrity couples did this in the past and ended up separating anyway. Two examples are Romnick Sarmenta and Sheryl Cruz, and Mark Anthony Fernandez and Claudine Barretto.

Romnick had Sheryl’s face tattooed on his back. When they broke up, he changed it into a lion instead. Mark and Claudine had “Barretto” and “Fernandez,” respectively, inked on their ankles. When they broke up, Mark had to redesign his while Claudine had hers erased.

Jake, however, said that breaking up with Bea is far from his mind. They have a strong relationship, and nothing can separate them anymore. They choose not to dwell on the negative reactions.

If there’s one thing that they argue about now, it’s their pride. Both of them don’t like backing out in an argument, so they had to estimate who’s going to apologize when they argue. Jake said he’s confident they can surpass these challenges because these are just part of being together.

Meanwhile, it’s been a year since their loveteam was seen on television. The last time they were together was on “Home Sweet Home” in 2013. But every week, they can be seen together on “Pepito Manaloto” and “Sunday All Stars.”

Aside from these, they also have episodes for “Maynila.” They also have regional shows, Jake said. For now, he is not aware if there is a teleserye in the works for them.

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Jake Vargas Has Bea Binene’s Name Tattooed On His Arm

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