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German Moreno Wants To Mediate Between GMA Network And Aljur Abrenica

German Moreno talked to Aljur Abrenica regarding the actor’s complaint against GMA Network. He hopes that Aljur would think hard about his decision to end his contract with the Kapuso network.

Kuya Germs made Aljur realize that he started with GMA-7. It is GMA Network that launched him as an artist and as an alumna of “Starstruck.” In all the years he has been with GMA-7, Kuya Germs pointed out that Aljur was always given good and big projects.

Aljur’s contract will end in 2017. He told Aljur that he can talk with the network regarding his complaints. He doesn’t believe that the actor should decide or get angry immediately just because he doesn’t get what he wants. “At huwag pasusulsol kahit kanino kasi ‘di mo naman alam kung tama ba yun o hindi.”

Kuya Germs believed Aljur should have thought about his decision first because his career will be affected by it. The people around him will not get anything from what Aljur is doing to his own career, he added. Aljur should be the one to decide on his career, and he should not let other people decide for himself.

At the end of the day, Aljur should be responsible for the decisions he makes. If he doesn’t want a project, he should be the one to speak up against it.

Kuya Germs also shared with Aljur what it feels like to be loyal to one network. He has been with GMA-7 for 40 years. He also encountered a lot of problems in his stay, but he stuck with GMA-7 through it all. Kuya Germs added that he experienced a lot of hardships in the network, but he remained with them.

It is important for an artist to be loyal, especially if there are people who are taking care of your career. Kuya Germs said that Aljur should respect the network where he started… which gave him the opportunity to help his family.

If he minded his detractors in the network, Kuya Germs said he might be long gone from television. But he preferred the staying power that staying with one network will be able to provide him. He told Aljur that he hasn’t even experienced one-tenth of the hardships Kuya Germs experienced, but he’s already giving up.

Aljur should learn to survive, just like the tagline of the reality artista search competition he joined years ago.

Kuya Germs also advised Aljur regarding the issue that he felt violated by the album that GMA Records wants him to do. He told him that Aljur should talk with the network if there are songs he didn’t like to do. The network will probably not push him, anyway, Kuya Germs said.

It is also wiser if Aljur and the network will just talk about the issues, so that the problems will be solved immediately. “Huwag na huwag na manggaling sa ibang tao na uudyukan ka ng kung anu-ano, kasi ikakapahamak mo lang.”

Despite these things, Kuya Germs said it is still up to the actor what he wants to do in his career. It also hurts him because he considers Aljur as his “anak-anakan” in the industry. Although he advised him on what to do with his issues with the network, he believes Aljur should still be the one to decide what he wants.

He is willing to mediate between Aljur and GMA Network. He believes Aljur was forced to decide by the people around him.

“Kaya ako, nandidito lang if sabihin niya na gusto na niyang makipag-usap nang matapos na kung ano man ang problema niya sa GMA-7.”

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German Moreno Wants To Mediate Between GMA Network And Aljur Abrenica

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