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Melissa Ricks Says About Her Pregnancy: “It Felt Right”

Melissa Ricks said she never kept her pregnancy secret. It just so happened that nobody asked her about it until recently. She was simply looking for the right time to tell the people.

She wanted to make sure as well that she is pregnant before she reveals to the public that she is. According to her interview with Gretchen Fullido, Melissa didn’t realize at first that she was pregnant. She was with her friends in Boracay on Labor Day, May 1, when she realized she might be pregnant.

When her period was delayed at first, she didn’t realize immediately that she was pregnant because she has irregular period. On the second month that she didn’t get her period, that’s when she tried a home pregnancy test.

It came out positive, but she still went to the doctor to confirm if she’s really pregnant. When she had her test, the doctor said she’s already seven weeks pregnant. She received the news calmly, and she didn’t even cry.

She thinks it’s the right time for her to be pregnant. She also believes it’s God’s plan for her, and that He prepared her for that path. She trusts Him and has faith in Him, she said.

She told her non-showbiz boyfriend about her pregnancy, and she took it calmly, Melissa said. They had the same reaction, and he didn’t even hesitate. The baby is a blessing to anyone, the actress said, adding that they are both in the right age and they are ready to take on the responsibility.

What was difficult for her was telling her parents about it. It took her a lot of courage before she was able to enter her dad’s room and tell him about the pregnancy. She panicked when she was about to tell him, and she was even holding her teddy bear that time, which was like her security blanket.

She started crying, and that’s when her father asked if she was pregnant. Melissa didn’t know how he realized that she is. Maybe it’s because she was crying so hard. She thought he will be disappointed, but her dad just told her to take care of herself.

Then, she had to tell her mother that she’s pregnant. She was scared of her because she has always been very strict and overprotective. She emailed her mother two weeks after she found out she was pregnant. She sent her a long email explaining about the situation.

Her mother emailed her back, and Melissa was surprised by her reaction. She was happy and excited to go home, so she can take care of the baby. Even her older brother was happy for her and would go home.

She became emotional when she talked about the people who supported her throughout the whole ordeal. She has received so much love from her family, her friends and people she doesn't even know. She didn't receive any negative comment.

Melissa was also expecting the worst reaction from ABS-CBN because they had plans for her, but the management showed huge support for her.

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Melissa Ricks Says About Her Pregnancy: “It Felt Right”

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