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Priscilla Meirelles Stands As John Estrada’s Talent Manager

John Estrada’s wife, Priscilla Meirelles, is the one who handles his career nowadays. Priscilla acts as his talent manager after former managers Douglas Quijano and Wyngard Tracy died.

John said he’s satisfied that Priscilla is the one handling his career because he trusts her a lot. Basically, she answers any inquiries about him and negotiates with them. She would then tell him about it, and they would both decide whether or not to accept the proposal.

The actor said that even with Douglas and Wyngard, he and Richard Gomez were always the ones who decide in the end whether to do a project or not. Douglas’ principle is that his artist should be the one to say “yes” or “no” because he/she will be the one to work anyway.

Priscilla also attends meetings with him, so they are always together now. Does that mean his wife can monitor his actions amid rumors that he is a womanizer? John said that it’s like their bonding time also, and the issue about him being a womanizer has already been settled between them.

Issues like that belong to the past already, John said. Right now, since he is under contract with ABS-CBN for another two years, Priscilla’s main duty is to check if his schedule is right on track. John said he trusts that Priscilla will make the right choices, and that he’s very lucky because she is smart enough to do so.

Meanwhile, John also commented on his loyalty as an artist. He has been with Douglas for so many years before the latter passed away. John said even before Douglas managed his career, he has been in the industry for so many years already. He already knows what to do and how to manage a talent’s career.

But at the same time, Douglas would always tell them that he would just be there to guide them, but the decision is still up to them in the end.

Loyalty is one of the things he learned from Douglas, John said. “Tapos, lagi niyang sinasabi sa amin na hangga’t maaari, stick to the person na nagbigay sa inyo ng maraming opportunities, nagbukas ng pinto for you, dahil sila rin ang puwedeng magsara nito kung gugustuhin nila.”

That’s why he and friends Richard and Anjo Yllana are very loyal to Douglas because he was also very loyal to them. Douglas treated them as a family, and not just as talents. They don’t even have written contracts with Douglas. They just trust each other so much.

This is the same advice he gave his daughter, Yna Estrada, who is now under Star Magic. First and foremost, he told her that she has to love her craft. He and Yna’s mother, Janice de Belen, have been in the industry for long, and they both didn’t find it easy.

He advised Yna to be loyal to Star Magic, especially when they have plans for her. He and Janice talked about Yna’s contract, and they discussed the projects their daughter will be doing. So far, everything’s fine, John said.

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Priscilla Meirelles Stands As John Estrada’s Talent Manager

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