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Robin Padilla Shares Experience In Seeing BB Gandanghari In Women's Dress

Robin Padilla is still adjusting to the fact that older brother, Rustom Padilla, is not BB Gandanghari. He shared his experience in seeing BB wearing a woman's dress for the first time during the Yahoo! Celebrity Awards 2014.

BB was wearing a see-through futuristic dress that night, Robin said. He then turned to wife Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and asked her to share that story herself.

Mariel said at first, BB was scared to meet Robin because he might turn away from him. She added that Robin was actually surprised that BB looked beautiful. That was the first time he saw his brother in a formal wear, but Robin adamantly denied a see-through futuristic dress can be called formal wear.

Mariel clarified that BB was wearing a cocktail dress. Robin said all he could think of that night was where did BB hide his balls. Mariel laughed and said BB carried the dress so well, no one noticed how he managed to show his panty as if he already had a sex change.

When they were about to attend Kathryn Bernardo's debut, BB arrived at Robin's house wearing a bandeau top. Robin refused to leave the house until BB changes his clothes. He told his brother that he should dress appropriately because they will be attending a debut.

It was a good thing they were late already, so Robin didn't force BB to change from his see-through dress during the Yahoo! Celebrity Awards, where the Padilla family received an award. If there was time, Robin said he would have asked BB to change his dress.

Robin, however, told BB that he is not ready yet to walk beside him on the red carpet, so BB walked ahead of the family. But Robin said this is not because he's embarrassed of BB. Actually, he was just afraid that somebody may act rude towards BB, and Robin won't be able to stop himself.

He said that BB is already trained in martial arts, so Robin is confident he will be able to take care of himself.

The press reminded him that BB, when he was still Rustom, was already an action star. Robin revealed that they had a hard time in his action scenes for "Mistah" in 1994.

Did he already know that BB was gay back then? "Ano ka ba naman, lahat ng away ko noong bata kami, dahil doon!" He already knew about his brother's sexual preference, but he was thinking that it can change when he meets a beautiful woman and get married like what Rustom did with Carmina Villaroel.

Robin is still not losing hope and prayers that there will come a time BB would go back to being Rustom. He admitted that he is still not ready to see BB with a boyfriend. If there will ever be a boyfriend, it is better if they don't meet him.

All kinds of acceptance have boundaries. "Wala na kaming pakialaman sa kaligayahan niya, pero may boundary nga yun, e." They tell him that directly, Robin said.

They won't be stopping BB from exercising his human rights, but when it comes to the morals of the families, Robin believes they also have a right to protect themselves.

They were supposed to do a movie together that Robin even left for Europe, so he can think about the movie's theme because it was quite sensitive. Robin said he has a problem with BB's schedule because every time they would set a taping schedule, the latter would leave for the US.

Robin said it looks like BB is not yet ready to work with him. Hopefully, they'll get to push through with the project this year.

Robin and BB were supposed to do a show for TV5, but the former heard that BB will be leaving again. "Ewan ko sa kanya, hindi ko na pinakikialaman."

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Robin Padilla Shares Experience In Seeing BB Gandanghari In Women's Dress

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