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Alex Gonzaga Apologizes To Ryan Bang For Tasteless Jokes

TV host Alex Gonzaga said she already talked to comedian Ryan Bang regarding the jokes she told about him and his parents.

Ryan recently aired his grievances against Alex, who once called him "ugly" and told him that if only his parents were different, he might have a chance with her. Ryan reportedly courted the TV host.

Ryan is of Korean descent, and is born with Korean parents. He said he was offended when Alex dragged his parents into their jokes.

Alex revealed they had a long talk about it. Ryan doesn't want to publicize anymore what they talked about, she added. She was also surprised with what Ryan said in that interview. They usually talk to each other, so she was shocked that he felt that way already.

They are okay now, although they will never be the same as before. The important thing is, they already talked about their issues.

Alex said she apologized to Ryan for her "bad jokes." She defended that Ryan already know about those jokes since they usually talk about it off-cam. But that time, Alex joked about it on-cam, so Ryan was deeply offended.

There are those who don't understand her jokes, so maybe Ryan was influenced into feeling bad about it, Alex said. After those jokes, she and Ryan still talked, so she didn't know he was already offended by it.

They are no longer friends although Alex wanted to have a guy friend. It was a lesson learned for her, though. In time, they will be able to be friends again. Alex said they have the same handler, so it was becoming hard for him/her already to manage them.

"Ano na lang siguro dun sa nangyari sa amin ni Ryan, lesson learned na lang, na don’t get close to someone na ‘di mo pa naman talaga nakakasama for years."

Friendship is "earned," Alex said, adding that two people cannot be comfortable too much when they haven't spent that much time together yet.

Meanwhile, Ryan admitted he already has a girlfriend, a Korean student from Far Eastern University.

Alex said she told Ryan before that he should find a girlfriend of his same nationality. She felt sad because they are no longer friends now, so Ryan won't be able to introduce her to his girlfriend.

Her sister, Toni Gonzaga, advised her that she should be careful with the people she will get close to. Alex said it was a lesson learned for her--that she shouldn't be comfortable too much, and that people won't necessarily get her jokes.

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Alex Gonzaga Apologizes To Ryan Bang For Tasteless Jokes

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