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Carla Abellana Admits Possibility Of Being With Tom Rodriguez In The Future

There were rumors in the past that there is more to the on-screen romance of Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez. Although both denied the rumors, Carla and Tom are now admitting that the possibility of ending up together is there.

The rumors were fueled after a screencap of an email circulated on the Internet, wherein Tom apparently dedicated a song for Carla. Tom draws and writes songs for a hobby.

The two are now starring in GMA-7's "My Destiny." Carla revealed that Tom has already written a lot of songs and poems about her. The recent song he sent via email was an "inside joke" about a movie they laughed about in the past.

That movie was "Nacho Libre" (2006) starring Jack Black. This year, they always talk about the movie because they find it really funny. In the movie, Jack's character wrote a song for a nun. People think Tom wrote that song for her, but that was from the movie.

Carla said Tom always sings, especially at midnight when he is sleepy already. He never intentionally sang a song just for her, so she can't really say if he's courting her already with these songs.

In the past, Tom said he's "trying" to court Carla. What does that mean? Maybe Tom has a plan to woo her, but she doesn't see that now. Carla said the actor is still like before. He doesn't say anything to her about courting her.

They are the same when they work and how they are together. Carla said it's easy to work with Tom, unlike other actors she worked with before.

Can she see Tom in the future as a possible boyfriend? It's possible, Carla said, "but only time can tell." She will just pray for a sign, so she will be guided in her decision.

The actress admitted she is pressured by the fans, who want them to be together. But in the end, Carla said the decision is up to her. She has worked with many actors in the past such as Jake Cuenca, Richard Gutierrez and Dennis Trillo.

It just so happened that hers and Tom's personalities matched, and the fans loved them for it.

Carla broke up earlier this year with actor Geoff Eigenmann, who she has been with for years. What will it take for her to fall in love again? She wants someone who's nice, who can make her laugh and who will take care of her.

It sounds like Tom. Carla admitted the actor makes her laugh and he's very nice to her. She added, though, that there are others who are trying to woo her as well.

Since her breakup with Geoff, she hasn't gone out on a date yet. It's unfair for her suitors because she's also very busy, and she doesn't have the time for them. Maybe it's better if they will just come back for her in December because her full booking is only up to November.

She hasn't even gone out with Tom for a date. They only see each other during taping days. If he has plans to pursue her, he should start in December or January. She has a filmfest to attend to in December.

Carla said she cannot control who she will be with in the future. She simply leaves it up to God.

Meanwhile, the actress doesn't want to talk about Geoff anymore. She doesn't need a boyfriend to be inspired. She can get inspired by other things in her life such as her family and her fans.

She said, though, that she has already moved on from her breakup with Geoff. It was easy for her to move on because she's more mature, she's older and she can stand up on her own.

Carla revealed that she doesn't want to talk about the actor because she fears that he may say that she's using him for promo. Did Geoff berate her before? Yes, Carla said. She defended her ex-boyfriend, saying that no one would want to be used for promo. She has many projects these days, the actress added.

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Carla Abellana Admits Possibility Of Being With Tom Rodriguez In The Future

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