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Dionisia Pacquiao Admits Relationship With Younger Man

Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao, the mother of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, admitted that she has a boyfriend--a younger man. He is identified as Michael, 40 years old.

He was Mommy Dionisia's escort during her 65th birthday last May. Even Manny confirmed that his mother already has a boyfriend.

Mommy Dionisia, however, clarified that she is not serious yet with her boyfriend. This is despite Manny's announcement in an earlier interview that his mother is already planning to get married again.

Reports said that Mommy Dionisia and her new boyfriend have been living in together. She said that it's only natural for her to have a boyfriend, but what's important is that she tries to get to know the guy first and make sure he is trustworthy.

She is more careful now in terms of falling in love. It's not easy for her to believe that a guy loves her. He needs to prove it to her, too.

Mommy Dionisia admitted she is still not legally separated from Manny's father. She is also very careful with her new love because Michael plans to work abroad.

Mommy Dionisia said it was very painful for her when Manny's father cheated on her. She wanted to end her life that first time. That's why she is wiser now. She will make sure she won't be giving her all in her new relationship. She wants to leave something for herself.

Although she is happy with her new boyfriend, her sons--Manny and Bobby--are still not sure about this development. Bobby, for one, said they have to talk about this issue first.

Jinky Pacquiao, though, said she's happy for her mother-in-law.

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Dionisia Pacquiao Admits Relationship With Younger Man

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