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Nadine Lustre Feels Pressured By Upcoming Movie

Nadine Lustre admitted that she feels pressured by her upcoming movie with James Reid titled "Talk Back And You're Dead." Their first movie together, "Diary Ng Panget," was successful in the box office.

Nadine hopes that the people will also support this new movie of hers because this is different from her first teamup with James. Also, they will be working with Joseph Marco in this film.

There are many people who feel happy for their success as a loveteam, but some are also afraid that it might mean they will disappear from the limelight as well because it was easy and fast.

Nadine said she takes her career seriously, and she gives her 101 percent. She thinks that she will last in the industry because she's doing everything for her career to be healthy. "I don’t do things that will break it or kahit magkaroon lang ng stain sa career ko."

Before they did the movie, Nadine and James underwent workshops organized by Viva Talent Agency. Nadine was also a part of "Bagets" and "P.S. I Love You" on TV5.

Nadine can say that her acting skills improved because of the workshops. She also had a lot of practice and experience than before, so she feels more confident now.

She feels blessed because there are many actresses who are prettier and more skilled in acting than her and yet, she is the one given projects.

There are a lot of things that changed in her life when she became an actress. Before, she was careless and she's always in the mall. She just goes out with her friends and she has no image to protect. Now, she just stays in their house and she has to choose the places she goes to.

Meanwhile, she denied any romantic links with James. They are just really close to each other. She doesn't want to assume anything, but she doesn't think their loveteam will work out if there's no mutual understanding.

They don't go out on dates because they are more focused on their careers. James is actually thoughtful and he takes good care of her, Nadine said.

She doesnt' believe that they should make their relationship real, so that their loveteam will be successful. Nadine said she's happy to see that they have chemistry on- and off-screen.

Nadine said James and their loveteam helped her a lot and she wouldn't be where she is if it wasn't for him.

She is also thankful and flattered that a lot of people have been comparing their loveteam to that of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, known as the KathNiel loveteam. They're on a higher level already, so it's very flattering for them that people are saying they can compete with them.

There are those who said that she looks and sounds like Kathryn, but Nadine said there are some angles where she doesn't look like the teen queen. It's okay for her that she's being compared to her because even the bashers notice her.

Sometimes, when she's in the mall, people would approach her and ask for a picture, thinking she was Kathryn. She doesn't feel offended, however. "I just feel bad lang for the person kasi baka ma-disappoint siya."

She hasn't seen nor talked with Kathryn, Nadine said, adding that she already saw most of KathNiel's movies. She is sure their movie will be compared to "She's Dating The Gangster," but that's okay with her.

Their movie will have lots of kissing scenes, and that's the difference between her and Kathryn. She's more mature than Kathryn, especially when it comes to this movie.

She shared that she gets hurt by the bashers sometimes. It is hurtful to her when her family is being threatened, but she just doesn't read those kinds of messages.

She doesn't feel bad that people are bashing her because of Kathryn. She is not trying to copy her, but they just have the same features. Aside from this, Nadine was also told that she's ugly.

James once said that she's a good kisser. She was shocked when he said that.

Again, Nadine said she's thankful to hers' and James' fans because they wouldn't be anything if it weren't for them. "Talk Back And You're Dead" is always trending even when they were still shooting.

Some of their fans and KathNiel's fans have gotten into an argument or two, but Nadine feels this is just normal because she would also defend her idols if she's a fan.

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Nadine Lustre Feels Pressured By Upcoming Movie

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