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Matteo Guidicelli Prays That Sarah Geronimo Will Be With Him In The Future

Matteo Guidicelli is a man in love. Although he recognized that his relationship with Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo is still on the early stages, the actor-triathlete said he prays every night that Sarah will be in his future... forever.

Matteo described Sarah as an amazing woman, and he doesn't know if he will ever meet anyone like her again. He wants to keep her in his life, and he prays that they will always find the strength to fight for their love.

The actor-triathlete revealed that his parents love Sarah, and he loves her "so much" too.

"I pray every day, every night for this to go well."

He denied that they had a slight argument when Sarah was not able to attend his participation in the Ironman 70.3 in Cebu over the weekend. Reports said Sarah's normally strict parents, Delfin and Divine, did not allow the Popstar Princess.

The truth is, Matteo said Sarah had work plans. She had to tape for "The Voice," charity and "ASAP." She was also sick the whole week.

Of course, the actor-triathlete invited his girlfriend, and told her she has to block her schedule next year because she has to be there for him. So, no, it is not true that they had a "tampuhan" because of that.

He also does not have any problems with Sarah's parents. The truth is, Matteo understands Divine and Delfin. They are just like any other parents--protective of their daughter.

Sarah is 26 years old, and this is the first time she admitted to having a boyfriend. Matteo is proud of her, not because she fought for him, but because she's standing up for herself and becoming an independent woman.

Fighting for him, however, does not mean that Sarah had to go against her parents. Matteo was just proud that she was the one who admitted to the media about their relationship. When Sarah did that, he was on his way to the States. She felt it was time already, Matteo added.

At that time, Sarah, he said, "she stood up as a woman and for what she wants in life."

How did Matteo court Sarah? He was honest with her all the time. At times, being honest gets him into trouble. Honesty, however, is the best thing in the world for Matteo.

Matteo shared Sarah agreed to be his girlfriend "face-to-face." At first, she didn't want a showbiz guy, but Matteo told her there was nothing wrong in loving each other. That's the time Sarah finally said "yes" to him.

Sarah immediately told her parents that she and Matteo are already a couple. She told them that same night she said "yes" to the actor-triathlete, although Matteo was not in their house anymore that time.

In the middle of the interview, Matteo said he was really scared of what he was saying, so he's being very careful about it. Their relationship is still fresh and new, and it has to grow stronger still.

He doesn't want to disrespect anyone, especially Sarah's parents, so he's trying to be careful with what he's saying. "But I’m sure, in the future when everything’s stronger and more solid, I won’t be afraid anymore of anything."

Sarah and Matteo came from different backgrounds and upbringing. Matteo is half-Italian. He studied abroad and at Brent International School. His family is said to be one of the richest clans in Cebu City. Sarah, on the other hand, came from humble beginnings.

Matteo said his parents always taught him that he must respect other people--whether they are poor or rich. They also told him that he should have strong moral values and principles in life.

"This girl, this woman, she’s worth everything." It's not because she's such a phenomenal actress and singer. It's the person she is outside the camera--when they are together, Sarah is without pretentions.

Matteo said he may not be able to find anybody like her, and he doesn't want to lose her.

In the end, Matteo was forced to say his message to Sarah, who he revealed was watching his interview on "The Buzz." He said she already knows how much he loves her and that he's proud of her.

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Matteo Guidicelli Prays That Sarah Geronimo Will Be With Him In The Future

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