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Darren Espanto And JK Labajo Guest On "Tapatan Ni Tunying"

"The Voice Kids'" Darren Espanto and Juan Karlos Labajo both emerged victorious from the singing competition despite not clinching the top spots. Why? These two 13-year-olds have their own following already.

Juan Karlos, who grew up without a father and then lost his mother in November last year, said he never regretted picking Coach Bamboo over Coach Sarah Geronimo when both of their chairs turned for him during the Blind Auditions.

Although he likes Coach Sarah, their music genres don't much. She's into ballads and pop while Bamboo, Juan Karlos said, has a very unique voice.

In his interview with Anthony Taberna, Juan Karlos said he can relate to the life of "The Voice Kids" champion Lyca Gairanod, who had to scavenge and sell junk to help her family.

Their life story is similar because Juan Karlos also used to collect junk before. "Many people think that I come from a rich family because of the way I look." What many people don't know is that they racked up huge debts in his hometown of Cebu. Also, they don't own even own a house.

Juan Karlos is being brought up by his maternal grandmother and his uncle.

Still, the biggest burden for Juan Karlos remains to be the death of his mother last year. "How I wish there were visiting hours in heaven."

Meanwhile, Canada-born and -raised Darren also had troubles in joining "The Voice Kids." His parents had to borrow money, so they can all go home to the Philippines to follow his dreams.

Darren said one round-trip ticket cost them CAD$1,800 or about P70,000. Darren's parents are both registered nurses in Canada.

The talented young singer said her parents are buried in debt because they had to sacrifice a lot for him. They want him to pursue his dreams, and they have been always supportive of him.

Darren will be staying in the Philippines for good because of the opportunities that opened up for him after "The Voice." For the meantime, his father will stay in the country, but Darren is getting ready for the time he has to leave with his relatives and away from his parents and sister.

Darren and Juan Karlos reveal more about their life stories in "Tapatan Ni Tunying" this Thursday (August 14) at 4PM.

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Darren Espanto And JK Labajo Guest On

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