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Kaye Rivera Opens Up About Ex-Boyfriend Tom Rodriguez

Kaye Rivera finally talked about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Tom Rodriguez. She confirmed that they have just broken up this April, but she refused to share the details of their breakup.

The "Star Power" alumna said the reasons for their breakup should remain between the two of them. It happened in the past already, so she's choosing to move on from the issue.

Although she is still in the process of moving on, Kaye said she's slowly moving forward. This is the first time she's going through a breakup seeing as Tom was her first boyfriend.

For now, Kaye is focusing on the positive side. She's praying for God's guidance. She also believes that everything happens for a reason, especially now that she is growing up. She is turning 23 years old on August 17.

"If you don't go through pain or sadness, and you don't appreciate the love and happiness as much."

Is Tom's sudden popularity because of his role in "My Husband's Lover" the reason for their breakup? Or did it at least affect it? She cannot say if it did. Kaye believes that people should differentiate between their professional and their personal lives.

She is also a believer that if a relationship is meant to be, then it will last even though there are challenges on the road. But if it's not meant to be for whatever factors, then it won't work, the singer said.

They did all they can to make the relationship last. Kaye said even though Tom was very busy with his career, he still found time for them.

Since Tom was her first boyfriend, Kaye admitted to introducing him to her friends and family. She was, of course, heartbroken by their breakup but she chooses to just move on with her life.

She and Tom have not talked since the breakup, but Kaye assured that she will always love his family even though they are not on speaking terms right now.

For now, although having another relationship is not her priority, the singer said she will allow her doors to remain open. Also, she will try to get to know her future suitor first.

She doesn't want to go through another heartbreak like the one she had with Tom. Of course, every girl wants her relationship to last.

Kaye was then asked about Carla Abellana, who is being linked to Tom now. They star together in "My Husband's Lover" and in the current teleserye, "My Destiny."

The singer said it would be better for Tom and Carla to answer that question. Honestly, Kaye said it was easier for her to move on since it's her first breakup.

Everything happens for a reason, and Tom may signify a reason for her. "If you don't go through pain or sadness, and you don't appreciate the love and happiness as much."

She doesn't know Carla that much since they only say "hi" to each other during "Sunday All Stars." Kaye said she's got nothing to do with Tom and Carla now. That's their life, and she doesn't want to intervene.

She is simply grateful for her family and friends.

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Kaye Rivera Opens Up About Ex-Boyfriend Tom Rodriguez

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