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Carla Abellana Remains Positive Despite Recent Heartbreak

It was in April this year when Carla Abellana admitted she and longtime boyfriend Geoff Eigenmann have broken up already.

Carla said she has moved on from the breakup already because she feels very blessed with the opportunities coming her way.

She hasn't closed her doors to love yet, and she is well aware that the fans are clamoring for her and Tom Rodriguez to together. However, Carla said they don't want to rush into things, and they just want to take thing slowly if they are really meant for each other.

There are so many reasons to be happy and to be positive, Carla said. She hasn't spoken to Geoff ever since they broke up. Carla also said she has already forgiven her ex-boyfriend for whatever happened before.

She quoted that if God can forgive and forget His enemies, so she can too. She's not the kind of person who cannot forgive anybody. So, no matter how hard the situation is, she should learn to forgive Geoff.

Did she set a particular age about when she should settle down? When she was in college, Carla said she wanted to get married by the time she's 27 or 28 years old. Now, she's already 28 years old, and she just lost a longtime boyfriend.

Carla said she doesn't want to set a limit because it only pressures her. She knows that God has a perfect time for her.

She added that her next boyfriend should make her happy, should take care of her and should love her. It's that simple, Carla said.

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Carla Abellana Remains Positive Despite Recent Heartbreak

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