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John Lloyd Cruz Impresses Sylvia Sanchez On "The Trial"

Sylvia Sanchez said she was very much impressed by John Lloyd Cruz, who she will be starring with in the Star Cinema movie, "The Trial."

The movie also stars Gretchen Barretto, Jessy Mendiola and Richard Gomez. Sylvia will play the role of John Lloyd's tomboy mother.

She still has eight shooting days left out of the 13 shooting days she signed for.

Sylvia already worked with John Lloyd in "Tabing Ilog" before. She said he was already good in acting back then, but he was especially good in this movie. John Lloyd will play the role of a mentally delayed person.

Their scenes are not that heavy, the actress said.

Vince de Jesus will play her husband in the movie. He is someone who will make them laugh in the movie, Sylvia added.

Is she intimidated when working with John Lloyd? It's not that she's intimated, but Sylvia said he's very selfless when it comes to scenes. He knows how to cooperate with others, and he wants others to shine with him as well.

"Kasi kapag magaling ka at hindi ka na nananapaw pero magaling ka talaga, lalabas at lababas yun."

The hardest scene they will have to do is the one wherein she has to physically hurt John Lloyd. They haven't done that yet, though.

Sylvia hasn't been in the same scene with other cast members. Gretchen and Richard will play husband and wife.

The actress said John Lloyd is aware that her son, Arjo Atayde, idolizes him. They have the same handler, and John Lloyd even went to an "Apoy Sa Dagat" party in their house. They also had a get-together with their handler in Maja Salvador's house.

She's very open to John Lloyd that Arjo idolizes him. The actor just thanks Sylvia again and again.

Sylvia shared that one time, a fortune teller told Arjo that he will fill in the shoes of John Lloyd. That same fortune teller also once told John Lloyd that he will be a big star during his "Tabing Ilog" days.

Arjo was flattered. Of course, they don't instantly believe these things. They are just hopeful that it will also happen for Arjo. When will his son do a movie? Sylvia has no idea, but she is willing to wait to see her son have his big break.

Sylvia didn't have a hard time playing the role of a tomboy because she's not lady-like anyway. She also has a lot of lesbian friends, so it's easy for her to study them.

Also, she takes on after Aiza Seguerra, her co-star in "Be Careful With My Heart." Sylvia plays the role of Aiza's mother in the series. They are together three times a week, the actress said.

She also asks Aiza for advice when it comes to choosing the right clothes for her. The singer told her not to dress up in V-neck clothing, but only in round-neck shirts.

Meanwhile, Sylvia shared that she's proud of her daughter, Ria, because she just graduated from college. There are reports that Ria will also enter showbiz.

For now, Sylvia said her daughter is in Spain to study the language and the culture there. The Ataydes are of Spanish descent, so they are required to study in Spain for a while.

Ria will be back by September 25. She's staying with their relatives there. She also has a dorm in her school.

Before she went to Spain, she was in Paris for one week and 10 days in London. She visited some of their friends there.

Her Europe trip is a gift of their father, Art Atayde. Sylvia said Ria might enter showbiz, too, if she loses weight. Ria usually sheds some pounds when she's abroad because she cannot eat Filipino food there.

Sylvia shared that they had a bet: if Ria gains weight, she will be Sylvia's PA for a month without pay. If she loses weight, Sylvia will have to give her money.

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John Lloyd Cruz Impresses Sylvia Sanchez On

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