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Matteo Guidicelli Laughs At Naughty Comment Of Billy Crawford

Matteo Guidicelli shrugged the naughty comment made by his friend, Billy Crawford, apparently about his and Sarah Geronimo's relationship. Matteo said it was just a joke and it should not be taken seriously.

Billy commented on a video posted by Luis Manzano on his Instagram account wherein a dog was seen scratching his sex organ. Marvin Agustin said it fits Billy perfectly, but Billy tagged Matteo instead and said it appeals more to the actor-triathlete.

Matteo said he hasn't seen the video posted by Luis or even Billy's comment, but he already knows it should not be an issue. There's also nothing that Billy should apologize for.

Matteo said he, Billy, Luis and Marvin became friends when they worked on "Moron 5 Part 2." He doesn't think Billy means any negativity.

Although people can think whatever they want, the actor-triathlete said it's still nothing personal and it's something they just laugh about. "It’s a joke, it’s not even something to be serious."

Meanwhile, Matteo is not sure if Sarah will be able to attend the premiere of his movie, "Somebody To Love." Sarah may be busy that time. Also, he wants to keep their professional and personal lives separate.

That's also why he doesn't want to talk about their relationship in the public because others are saying that he's just using her.

"As much as possible, I don’t wanna talk about her or our relationship in a situation like this."

He wanted to promote his movie without linking it to Sarah. His interview on "The Buzz," where he talked about Sarah, was something beyond his control because it was the first interview he granted regarding the Popstar Princess.

He hopes people won't be taking negatively the fact that he doesn't want to talk about their relationship.

They both decided not to work together to protect their relationship. They are still new to this, so he wants to protect it as much as possible. "I don’t wanna lose this relationship so I really wanna be careful."

It's hard to keep a relationship stable in showbiz because there's a lot of issues and intrigues. That's why he doesn't have any problems if Sarah will be paired with another actor.

He's a big fan of Sarah and John Lloyd Cruz's movies--"A Very Special Love" (2008), "You Changed My Life" (2009), and "It Takes A Man And A Woman" (2013).

Matteo knows that Sarah loves acting and singing, so he doesn't want to take that away from her.

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Matteo Guidicelli Laughs At Naughty Comment Of Billy Crawford

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