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Kim Chiu Is Not Ready To Work With Maja Salvador And Gerald Anderson

Although they have settled their issues and the three of them were seen in one production number, Kim Chiu said she is not ready to work with ex-bestfriend Maja Salvador and ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson, who are now an item.

Kim said everything is fine between them, but they owe it to their fans to wait a while and see if they can accept the three of them in one project. Kim and Gerald were products of the first teen edition of the hit reality show "Pinoy Big Brother." They went on to become a loveteam, with their legion of fans called Kimerald.

The two starred in several movies and teleseryes, and was a successful tandem for years until their sudden breakup. Kim was reportedly heartbroken while Gerald moved on to Bea Alonzo and Sarah Geronimo, among others.

Kim and Maja were friends, and were starring together in ABS-CBN's "Ina, Kapatid, Anak" when rumors spread that Gerald is dating Maja. The two eventually came clean about their relationship while Kim said she felt betrayed by Maja.

There was much bashing against Maja, who went on to cry during an interview about her friendship with Kim. But all seemed to be well between the two former bestfriends as they were seen talking to each other in an event.

Maja said she never got tired of reaching out to Kim.

However, Kim said although they may be ready to work with each other, it does not necessarily mean that their fans have already moved on from the issue. It will take sometime, Kim said.

Their fans, the Kimerald, still want the two of them in a project. She also agreed to what Gerald said that the media will feast on them if they decided to work together. It would be better if they let the issue die a natural death first, Kim added.

The actress shared that she and Maja are civil to each other now, but the closeness they had before was gone. They're no longer the best of friends, she said.

Meanwhile, Kim just signed a two-year contract with the Kapamilya network. She said she's happy to stay with the network because she owes them a lot and she wouldn't be where she is now if it weren't for them.

The actress shared that she will have a new movie with on-screen partner and rumored boyfriend Xian Lim this year. Hopefully, a teleserye will come into fruition too.

For her next project, Kim wants to do something in the fantasy genre because she has never been given the chance to take on a role like that.

Meanwhile, her comments on a certain contestant in "Pinoy Big Brother All In" earned her some detractors. She said on her Twitter post that someone does not deserve to be in the Big Four because of his laziness.

Manolo Pedrosa's fans immediately reacted against what Kim said. The actress laughed, saying she wanted to delete that tweet because of the fans' reactions. But she reminded them that this is a free country and she should be allowed to say what she wants because that is her opinion.

In fact, Kim did not name who she was referring to.

Asked who she thought should be the big winner, Kim said it's between Mariz or Daniel Matsunaga.

On the other hand, Kim welcomes the inclusion of KC Concepcion in the primetime series "Ikaw Lamang" with Coco Martin. Kim plays Andrea while KC will play Natalia, the contrabida.

Kim said she's excited to work with KC, and nervous because she's like a big star in the industry. Also, she is not that close with KC because they haven't been given the chance to work together before. KC is always out of the country, she added.

However, Kim said she's looking forward to befriending KC.

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Kim Chiu Is Not Ready To Work With Maja Salvador And Gerald Anderson

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