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Dingdong Dantes And Marian Rivera Have Not Discussed Prenup Agreement

Because they are both big stars and are financially stable on their own right, many are wondering if Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera will be having a prenuptial agreement now that they have announced their plans to get married on December 30, 2014.

Dingdong said they have yet to discuss that particular issue, but they will surely discuss it, as well as who will handle the money when they are living under the same roof already.

He recognized that this is a problem for many couples, so he wants to handle it as delicately as possible. However, he clarified that money issues have never been a problem for them in the five years that they have been together.

Dingdong also said Marian is very generous when it comes to things like these.

Many have asked the couple when they plan to get married, only to get the shock of their lives when Dingdong proposed to Marian during the live airing of her dance show, "Marian." The couple even surprised the audience more when they stated that they have been engaged since 2012 and they just kept it from the public.

Dingdong said it was not the right time in their careers that they have waited for. The truth is, he and Marian waited for both of them to be spiritually prepared to enter into a new life together. That's the most important thing for Dingdong--that they have the same vision.

Also, another important factor was their age. Marian is 30 years old while Dingdong is 34 years old. Both of them want to have a family already.

What he likes most about Marian is that she loves the people who are important for him. Dingdong said she will make a perfect housewife.

As for Marian, aside from Dingdong's looks, what she likes most about him is he makes her a better person. Dingdong is the kind of person who will always tell her to calm down when she's angry.

Again, Marian addressed the issues of her supposed jealous streak. Marian said there would be no reason for her to get jealous if she didn't see some form of interest from the girl.

For Dingdong and Marian, their relationship is for forever. They wanted it to be successful and to last. Of course, there will surely be challenges ahead, but Marian is sure they'll be able to surpass them all if they put God in the center of their relationship.

Marian cannot ask for anything more. She's still in cloud nine over the way Dingdong proposed to her last August 9. He was able to fulfill all her dreams as a woman, Marian said, adding that they are thankful for the support of their families and their fans, the DongYan.

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Dingdong Dantes And Marian Rivera Have Not Discussed Prenup Agreement

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