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Albie Casino Says He And Andi Eigenmann Are Neither Friends Nor Enemies

Albie Casino was frank when he said that he and ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann, who pointed to him as the father of her daughter Ellie, are neither friends nor enemies. They are just okay with each other, he added.

Albie didn't want to comment about his relationship with Andi or even about their alleged daughter. Jaclyn Jose, Andi's mother, and even Andi said they are not closing their doors for Albie and he can still meet Ellie if he wants to.

Albie said this is the first time he heard about that, so he doesn't know how to comment. He added that he and Andi have not talked about Ellie at all.

Is he willing to work with Andi in the future? Albie said he still has school now, so he doesn't know if he still has projects lined up. Asked why he stayed in showbiz even after the controversy, Albie said it is because he is allowed to be a different person when he is playing a role.

Acting also allows him to experience different things in life. His role in "Somebody To Love" leads a very different life than the one he grew up with. But although the young actor grew up comfortable, his parents still taught him to work for the things he wants.

Of course, they provide all the necessities, but Albie has to work hard for the extra things.

With regards to his lovelife, Albie said he wants to be single for now. His last relationship was with Dawn Jimenez, who co-starred with Gerald Anderson in the critically-acclaimed "OTJ."

Albie said this is the first time he has been single for this long since he was in high school. He's enjoying the single life because he is able to do the things he was forbidden to when he was in a relationship.

He has more freedom now that he doesn't have a girlfriend. He can play DOTA up to the wee hours of the morning since his mom gave him more freedom now.

Meanwhile, he was asked if he is still pursuing the physical injuries case he filed against those who mauled him in a bar in 2012? Reports alleged it was Andi's group. Albie said it was useless to pursue that case, so he just let it go.

He doesn't want to change anything in his life before. The only thing he wants is to be better in his studies because if he changed something in his lovelife, his life may not turn out the way it is right now.

And honestly, he is quite happy with where he is at this point of his life.

One of the reasons that Dawn said caused their breakup was because Albie didn't want her to enter showbiz and he was too obsessed with the gym and the way he looks. Albie admitted they used to argue about that, but he explained that the gym is like a stress reliever for him.

Albie's physique changed from the scrawny kid to the stronger and more buff body he has now. In fact, his selfie photos are spread all over the Internet. He explained, though, that getting noticed wasn't his intention. He just wants people to see that his hardwork has paid off.

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Albie Casino Says He And Andi Eigenmann Are Neither Friends Nor Enemies

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