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Sherilyn Reyes Hands Off On Claudine-Raymart Issue

Sherilyn Reyes does not want to intervene into the issues between estranged couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto. Sherilyn was the former wife of Raymart's older brother, JunJun.

There were moments that Claudine mentioned Sherilyn in her interviews against the Santiagos, but Sherilyn said she's done fighting with that family, and she's happy where she is now.

There were rumors in the past that Sherilyn was a battered wife.

Asked if she's in good terms with her former brother-in-law, Raymart, Sherilyn said that there were times in the past they saw each other and she would greet him.

However, she doesn't want to make it seem like she knows what Claudine has been going through. She knows the actress is embroiled in a controversy with Raymart and even though she has gone through an annulment with a Santiago before, Sherilyn said she still doesn't have the right to interfere into Claudine's business.

What she can offer is her prayers that Claudine will one day wake up with peace in her heart.

Her eldest son, Ryle, with JunJun is now with ABS-CBN. His father is the business unit head of the Kapamilya network.

Sherilyn shared that JunJun greeted Ryle when he saw him in the compound. Ryle greeted his father back. They didn't have to ask for JunJun's permission before Ryle entered showbiz.

Since her son is already 15 years old, he can already decide for himself. Sherilyn doesn't know, however, if Ryle reaches out to the Santiago family.

Meanwhile, she shared that her youngest daughter, Eia, with husband Chris Tan just turned three years old. They weren't supposed to have a party for her but Gladys Reyes and her Net 25 show, "Moments," insisted they throw a party for Eia.

Sherilyn said Eia was very excited during her Jollibee party.

Aside from Ryle and Eia, Sherilyn also has a second son, Lawrence. The three are under home schooling. Sherilyn explained that Lawrence wants to be a basketball varsity in school, so they decided for him to be home schooled. Ryle and Eia, on the other hand, have commercials and television projects to do.

Also, their family loves to travel, so it's only practical for the kids to be home schooled.

Ryle first appeared in "Mirabella," and he is currently waiting for his next project. For now, he is taking up voice lessons, guitar lessons and he is also working out.

Because he's busy with his showbiz commitments, Ryle is often not at home. But, Sherilyn shared that her son is willing to wait for the right projects to come his way.

Eleven-year-old Lawrence is also interested to enter showbiz, but he has to polish his Tagalog first. She then laughed about the sighting of Lawrence with Kapamilya child star Andrea Brillantes.

Lawrence is very open of his admiration for the young actress. He even had chocolates delivered to her when she won an award recently.

Sherilyn said they are not the type of parents who will stop their children from having a relationship. They are very open about it. In fact, they were even the ones to pick up Ryle after a "date." As long as they know their priorities, which are work and studies, then there should be no problem.

Ryle's supposed crush is Mika Dela Cruz, who he worked with in "Mirabella." Sherilyn said she is aware that they are always texting each other. Is it okay for her if Ryle already has a girlfriend?

Of course, it's okay for her, Sherilyn said, although they always remind their kids to take things in stride.

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Sherilyn Reyes Hands Off On Claudine-Raymart Issue

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