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Janno Gibbs Undergoes Depression Because Of Weight Problem

Janno Gibbs admitted that he underwent episodic depression because of his weight problem. Luckily, he was able to survive it with the help of his family and friends.

Janno said this was the reason why he made himself scarce from television projects. He admitted this during an episode of "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" which tackled depression as an issue after the death of Hollywood A-lister Robin Williams.

The actor-singer had a hard time admitting his battle with depression because it was a taboo issue here. He said that the public had a misconception that when someone is going to a psychiatrist, it means he's schizophrenic or he's gone crazy.

He wanted to admit it, however, because he wants to change the public's thinking over it. He wants them to be aware of what is happening. "So, sabi ko, labas ko na para maging aware ang mga tao na it is a physical condition, puwedeng mangyari kahit kanino."

Janno said he sought professional help, and he also had a support from his family and friends.

Unlike Robin, however, the actor-singer never thought of committing suicide. One of the reasons why he was depressed was because he gained a lot of weight. As an actor, he doesn't want to see himself go big on television.

He doesn't know why he had to gain that much. Maybe his metabolism changed and it slowed down, definitely, Janno said. Lately, he was gaining weight again during the taping for his teleserye. Luckily, he didn't get depressed that much.

It's not that he lost the drive to work, but whenever he sees himself on television, he lost his intention to go to work.

He learned to fight his depression when his work was already being affected. "Kapag naapektuhan na yun, kailangang gawan mo na ng paraan."

Those close to him know what he was going through that time. He was fortunate because he had his family, parents, wife and children. In the States, people were usually by themselves.

His father, Ronaldo Valdez, is still active in showbiz and has a good physique. Janno said his father is a serious actor while he's a singer and comedian. In comedy, it's okay to get a little big, but not when it comes to performing on stage.

Janno also revealed that despite fighting depression, he is still an insomniac.

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Janno Gibbs Undergoes Depression Because Of Weight Problem

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